Bath & Body Works

Japanese Cherry Blossom- Body Lotion


Mercatranda ..

Very pleased with this product. The scent is just amazing, as always, bath and body works never fails with moisturizing. As good as the scent smells, I must warn, it is a strong one, and you only need very little.

Zoz A.

Its awesome , I take this lotion with me everywhere. I have the perfume and the body mist as well, love them. But didn't like the body cream it smells wired! !

Rachel H.
Smells and feels wonderful

I was very satisfied with this product, because of it's wonderful scent and how soft my skin feels after I apply it to my hands and arms. Bath and Body Works has some great lotions, including this one.

Dinah D.
I love this!

This one smells *so* good and it moisturizes really well, which is the point of buying the lotion in the first place. I absolutely hate buying a lotion that ends up wearing off of your skin and you're ashy a few hours later. Hate that. But not with this lotion, or any other lotion from Bath & Body. It's creamy, moisturizing and smells great. I have bought this more than once because I love this so much lol.

Kayci B.

I love this lotion by Bath and Body works! The Japanese Cherry Blossom smells absolutely amazing. The scent is strong and last for a long period of time which is a plus. Not to mention that the lotion is very moisturizing for the skin. I do have a few other scents but I would have to say that this one is my favorite.

Darian J.

I am in love with Bath and Body Works lotions. They work so well! They are soooo moisturizing and feel so good. Then of course there is the smell. Japanese Cherry Blossom is such a sensual and pretty smell. It is one of my favorite scents from Bath and Body Works.

Courtney S.
Perfect scented lotion!

I absolutely love this cherry blossom lotion! Not only smells supper amazing but it helps moisturize my skin! The smell stays on all day for me! this is my alternative to wearing perfume. Some days I decide not to wear my perfume I go with a scented lotion and this one is the best!

Lynn R.
Smells great

I bought this so long ago and I still have it. A little goes a long way and it smells sooo good. I wouldn't purchase this at regular price, but definitely when Bath and Body Works have their awesome sales.

Tia H.

I just love this lotion. It has a really great scent that lasts all day! It's really soothing to your skin and just makes your skin smell lovely :) 3 cheers for Baths & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion!

Ally M.

All time favorite BBW scent! Smells so feminine but not too perfume-y to me. After it's on for awhile it fades a bit but is still a clean, seductive scent. Isn't sticky & leaves hands/body soft & moisturized. Definitely worth trying it!