Beauty Product Reviews

Personal favorite

When I first sprayed this on a tester strip, I found the scent to be strange. It didn't particularly smell GOOD, but it also didn't have that incredibly sharp tone to it that I find most perfumes to have. That sharp tone leaves me with terrible headaches. Anyway, I was intrigued enough by this strange Angel concoction to spray a bit on my arm and let it sit. After a few minutes, I gave it a sniff and fell in love. The strangeness of the scent on the tester strip came from it's complexity, and as such I just hadn't been able to pin it down. Sprayed on the skin, this is at turns warm and alluring and from time to time smells like peppermint to me lol. The scent LASTS, but isn't so strong that you linger unwanted in a room four hours after your body already left. I highly recommend trying it on before judging it from the bottle.

I have this gloss in 'Taunt' which is a really nice sheer sort of nude pink. I've tried a lot of lip glosses and lip balms that claim to help repair your chapped lips, but I can honestly say that this is the only one I've found that has EVER worked well for me. The gloss isn't tacky and sticky like most glosses can be and it has a sweet honey scent to it. I especially like that this shade doesn't have glitter or sheen to it, so it would be wonderful over the top of a favorite lipstick. I've suffered from chapped and dry lips almost all my life, and I'm so glad to have found this that is helping to repair my pout! Really wonderful product and totally worth the cost in my opinion!

LOVE it so far!

I've only been using this for a few days, but it's already cleared up some of my acne (just a little bit here and there that I have) and brightened up my skin quite a bit. Before, I'd been using Aveeno smart essentials face wash....but didn't see nearly the instant results I did with this Green Tea scrub. I love that the exfoliating beads are quite small, so they don't rough up your face, and the smell is SO wonderful!

This is so worth the money, IMO! I have naturally long, thin lashes that are light in color. This mascara does wonders for me. My lashes look much more full and long...and I really love the wand.

I purchased this palette for my wedding, and I tend to use it all the time! I love the neutral colors and soft pinks, and the black has just a little bit of glitter to it. It's a really wonderful daytime palette, which is easily transformed into a simple night look using the darker colors. Definitely worth the money :)

Good for the price

I love how quickly these dry up on your nails, but depending on the color you might have to do 3 or more coats to get a nice solid coat. I also really love the flatness of the brush....I'd say these are great if you're wanting to do a quick color for a day or night out. Otherwise, they tend to chip off after about 2 days.