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Hand Cream !?

Omg , I love this stuff ! it smells great , and it feels amazing on the hands . I carry this in my purse for my hands , they get a bit dry sometimes , and the moisture locks into my skin for a long time . Which is great because I don't like to keep reapplying lotions and creams because it can get a but greasy and slimy . But the finish on this product is perfect . No slime or greasy feeling really because it sinks right in . And actually I think this is on sale right now ! I go mine for like a dollar and some change !! Ha yeahhhh . Twilight Woods is a really nice scent too , very soothing and not strong at all ! One of my guy friends loves it as well for a hand cream lol .

Great finish !

I'd have to say that this is the best sunscreen I've ever used . I only use it on my face and it feels great . I'm most impressed by the finish it leaves . It does just as it says on the bottle . It leaves my face feeling non-sticky or greasy . It also leaves a very soft feel on my face as well which is a plus as well . I put this on everyday , especially if I'm going out (shopping , pool , etc .) Oh and its WATERPROOF ! So it doesn't come off when I sweat !! Its a really good product and I def recommend it ! (:

Cydnee M . xo

Aahhh ^_^

I friggin love this lip balm. And if you're willing to explore your options on the diff flavors with this I would def recommend the minty green one because it makes your lips smell really nice blocks odor coming from your mouth lol (; >>>> @ItsCydneeMame

Ahh, mann...

Man, I was so excited to try this product out! But I really wasn't satisfied, the color is soooo sheer, and I really liked the colors it came in. And it feels a bit rough a sticky on the lips, it's teeensy weensy bit moisturizing, but not enough :(


This'll be quick. This product is crap, it doesn't do ANYTHING but vibrate on you skin. No, just no. I heard the wave Sonic was better but idk, I won't be trying that one. So yeah, pretty much, it sucks.

xoxo Cydnee M.

Quick Tips!

This concealer is obviously great for covering up like red spots, sits, or acne scars but, not so much for undereye concealer becauseif you notice the under eye area is very thin and sensetive skin, so a heavy duty concealer like this one would be just too much. Because it has a green tint, it will mostly like make things worse color wise. For under eyes, you're best choice would be a cocealer that has a salmony, peachy-pinkish undertone because the peachy salmon like color cancels out the green or blue dark circles under the eyes. I would definitely recommend Benefit's Erase Paste for under eye concealer :) And no, I don't work for Benefit Cosmetics or anything, this is just my personal opinion lol.

xoxo Cydnee M.

I'd have to say that this is a keeper, I'm not like pshyco crazy about it but I was impressed. I think that only reason that I'm not drooling over it is because I got the wrong shade (haha oops), it doesn't have pump so I continuously waste product and I just don't like the packaging, BUT, otherwise, it's a purty good foundation :)

xoxo Cydnee M.

(Angel Chorus Music)

I've been using this mascara since it's been released and, it is,...Uh-mazing! It doesn't clump (whatsoever). The applicater is stunning, it does a very job at separating the lashes and forming a curl that'll hold. A great bonus is that it is easy to remove because I find that some mascaras are like crazy hard to remove even using eye makeup remover. The packaging is adorable and it's actually what sold me haha but yeah I will continue to repurchase this mascara until the end of time! or until I find something better...

xoxo Cydnee M.


I just bought this today and so far, I LOVE IT! For one friken dollar?!?!? Its really good quality, it picks up the perfect amount of product up, oh! and it's superrrrr soft! I like, I like.

xoxo Cydnee M.

Eh.. Iffy

Ok, so I went on a little mini-haul today for a few E.l.f. products and I wanted to try the foundation (um, hello it's only $3) and I wasn't all that impressed. I found the consistency to be very clumpy like when it came out the tube (yes I opened the tube in the store and swatched it on my hand, sshhhhh) and when I tried to blend it on my hand it was kind chalky if that makes sense, like, the finish just looked a bit ashy, but idk. There are so many different skin types and it can work for someone PERFECTLY and just plain bad. But yeah, not the best pick for me, unfortunately :(

I really wanted it too! $3.00???!!!! Ugh, mannn.

xoxo Cydnee M.

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