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Shine bright like a ...Too Faced palette!?

Awesome colors! Plain and simple. The colors in this palette are very bright and shimmery, if you're someone who loves to wear bright makeup or to experiment with different, fun looks, I recommend this palette. It's great for anyone but for those who prefer very light, natural looks, this might be too bright. The blue and green are perfect for adding a pop of lower lashline eye lining when the rest of the eye makeup is low key. The Shadow Insurance is really good as well, it really does keep the shadow from creasing

perfect colors all in one small case

I bought this palette quite some time ago because I needed something small I that I could take with me to Disneyland, I live in San Diego and have passes so I go very often and always get a hotel but don't want to have to carry a bunch of products. The colors are gorgeous, if you're a huge Too Faced fan like I am, you'll love it. The colors have the perfect amount of pigment, they apply well, and don't crease. You get 12 essential colors, bronzer, blush, and lipgloss in a case the size of a credit card. It honestly can't get any better than that.

Great for heavy coverage

I've been using this concealer for 2 years. While I do use a more sheer concealer for under my eyes, THIS is the go to concealer for darker problem areas. I, like the young fool that I was, got my eyebrows tattooed when I was 17 and the girl did them all wrong; color, shape, arch, well I have since let my natural eyebrows grow because I have full, very arched eyebrows naturally. There are quite a few spots though where the tattoo is still visible so to hide it I use this and believe me, it hides every spot of ink left. You can't even tell it's there. When I tell people my horror story, they don't believe that there is any tattoos on my face. And it isn't cakey or thick. It's perfect and lasts all day. I can touch over it and it doesn't smudge!

Amazing eyeliner

I normally tend to stay away from felt tip eyeliners because of how quickly they dry out and the lack of ink filling the tip itself. I was hesitant to try it but I found the mini version along with the Eyeko mascara at Sephora and all I can say is WOW! I applied so well and has perfect precision. The tip hasn't lost it's shape and there is always a perfect amount of ink in it so I don't have to go over each spot. It's amazing for thin lines but just as great from thick, large wings. The best part? It lasts all day long, it doesn't easily smudge. I have definitely found my new favorite eyeliner.

I have a love/dislike relationship with this one.

I am a huge fan of Benefit products so naturally I grabbed this mascara the moment it hit the shelves at Sephora. I have very short lashes that do not curl, they just don't. While I do not agree that it adds extra curl, it does, however, separate each eyelash perfectly and does add a good amount of volume. I will warn though, that if you aren't careful you can get clumps on the tips of your lashes. I recommend using a good primer before. Like I mentioned before, because I have such stubborn lashes, I absolutely love the wand and how it really does separate every last eyelash. I wear it everyday. My dislike, is just that the clumps tend to happen a little more than I like.

New favorite foundation

I have found a new love in this foundation. I've been through plenty of foundations, from inexpensive to too expensive, and thought I was happy with my studio fix liquid or my Clinique foundation until I tried this one. I love the way it feels on my skin. It applies on easily and is so easy to blend into your skin. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing foundation, and it doesn't dry with any streaks! It also has lasted me a good amount of time; a very small amount covers my entire face and down to the blending of the neck. Best part!? It really does control breakthrough shine! I've gone from having to blot my face several times to literally just once. I love it!

my favorite facial wipes

I hate face wipes because they never seem to properly clean. I think I use them once a year when I have a crazy situation that doesn't allow for me to wash my face. But when I tried the Yes To Cucumbers I was instantly hooked. They clean so well and one towelette cleans my entire face; foundation, mascara, eyeliner, shadow, everything. AND the best part is that my face doesn't feel sticky or dry after using them. While I still very seldom use any kind of facial wipes, I do keep on hand just in case

Best foundation brush

This is *the* perfect brush for applying foundation. I haven't tried it with pressed powder, only liquid foundation. The bristles are the perfect length and it is the right size and the density of it is just right. It blends the foundation perfectly and allows me to get the sides of my nose, around my eyebrows and under my eyes with ease. I love it!

Very pretty, a little dark

I got this in a swag bag at a fashion show I attended and it is a really pretty shade. It has a good amount of gold shimmer to it and because it's a little darker than the average blush, I think this shade would go absolutely beautiful paired with a bronzer. It has a summer-y look to it and would be great for creating the perfect 'i was out at the beach' look.

Didn't like it at all

It just didn't work for me. I tried using it a few different times and it has a bad smell to it and when I sprayed it on it made my face feel sticky and very uncomfortable. I haven't used it again and I personally would not recommend it to anyone.

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