Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Concealer


Jaci P.
I always comeback to this

This is my HG. It covers dark circles, and acne like a dream! It isn't oily and literally only a teeny tiny drop is needed! It has never creased on me

Kitty K.
Full coverage, Great for Comedogenic Prone Skin
Photo of product included with review by Kitty K.

At work I occassionally sweat my butt off and I wanted to use a concealer instead of a foundation. I have seen Miss Jacqueline recommend this product countless times so I decided to give it a go. This concealer covers ANYTHING and if you like to do some color correcting you will appear absolutely flawless. I have dry skin and it worked well without appear dry or cakey. I use it under my eyes as well and it covers beautifully. Love this product, and love Miss Jacquelines amazing recommendations!

Myranda B.

Excellent coverage!

I use this on blemishes because the color is too dark for under my eyes. It covers very well & doesn't look cakey where you put it on.

Jani M.
HG Concealer!

This is the ONLY concealer that seems to cover my acne scars completely. A friend of mine who suffers from the same problem recommended this to me, and I have not used another concealer since then. It has a thick consistency, so a little goes a long way. It's also long lasting. I work all day, and whenever I use a different concealer, I notice that it wears off within a few hours, however, with this concealer, I no longer have that problem. It may seem a little pricey, but it's completely worth the price you're paying.

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Hanna A.
HG Stuff

I was using the Make Up Forever HD concealer at first when I realized that the product was too expensive for the amount of use I got from it. So I decided to make the switch to this concealer and have loved it since! It is more expensive mind you, but lasts wayyyyyyyy longer. It has a thick consistency with amazing pigmentation. I use it mainly for the undereye area, you only really need a tiny amount otherwise it will appear cakey. All in all I love it, isn't drying and very long lasting. This is my concealer to beat. :)

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Jasmine S.
Love 💗

I honestly love this concealer, but not the price. I have oily skin & it seems like every concealer adds more oil to my face, except this one. Great when applied with fingers or brush! Lasts long too.

Melanie P.

This concealer is great. Matches my skin. SUPER waterproof I wear it to the beach all the time and it doesn't crease. It does a great job covering my under eye circles though it's a little hard to mix into the skin

Kimberly S.
Lives up to name

This concealer really does offer full coverage!! I bought it for under eye concealer and it was soo thick it made me look older! So I ended up using it to carve out my eyebrows; worked great!

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Crystal D.
Just Not for Me

I won't say this is a bad product because that is not true. It is quite long lasting and really conceals blemishes and dark circles. This product is too thick for me and what I want to conceal and for that reason I promptly returned it. If you have dark blemishes, or dark under eye circles this is the product for you. If you need light coverage or prefer a thinner consistency then I'd save your money.

Alyson B.
just a tiny dab will do ya

You barely need any at all and it will cover up any blemish or red spot/scar you might have. Set it with a little powder and it won't go anywhere all day. I don't recommend it for under eyes as it's way too dry - it's not really meant for that. If you want it for serious under eye darkness I suggest mixing it with eye cream. If it goes cakey on you, you're probably using way too much. You only need a pinhead size amount per spot!