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Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Concealer


Jani M.
HG Concealer!

This is the ONLY concealer that seems to cover my acne scars completely. A friend of mine who suffers from the same problem recommended this to me, and I have not used another concealer since then. It has a thick consistency, so a little goes a long way. It's also long lasting. I work all day, and whenever I use a different concealer, I notice that it wears off within a few hours, however, with this concealer, I no longer have that problem. It may seem a little pricey, but it's completely worth the price you're paying.

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Hanna A.
HG Stuff

I was using the Make Up Forever HD concealer at first when I realized that the product was too expensive for the amount of use I got from it. So I decided to make the switch to this concealer and have loved it since! It is more expensive mind you, but lasts wayyyyyyyy longer. It has a thick consistency with amazing pigmentation. I use it mainly for the undereye area, you only really need a tiny amount otherwise it will appear cakey. All in all I love it, isn't drying and very long lasting. This is my concealer to beat. :)

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Giuliana P.
perfect for people who need longevity of wear and complete coverage

This concealer saved my life when I was a bridesmaid for one of my best friend's wedding in Mexico a couple months ago. I was in a wedding party with honestly the most gorgeous women I know, and when I broke out in a totally crazy rash the day of the wedding I was totally panicking. I was calling my boyfriend trying to get him to bring me things to the bridal suite that I was praying would make my skin go back to normal when my darling friend said "try my concealer". As a makeup artist I am used to being the one giving advice to my friends, but when someone who I swear has never looked less than god-like tell you what concealer they're using, you know it's gotta be good.

I used this on my shoulders and chest where I had broken out and it not only did it cover naturally, but it also lasted all day and night and didn't transfer onto my dress at all. I stippled it on and buffed it with a Sephora Collection Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57 and the day after I got home from Mexico I went and picked up my own tube because I simply had to have it!

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Marina O.
Great for heavy coverage

I've been using this concealer for 2 years. While I do use a more sheer concealer for under my eyes, THIS is the go to concealer for darker problem areas. I, like the young fool that I was, got my eyebrows tattooed when I was 17 and the girl did them all wrong; color, shape, arch, well I have since let my natural eyebrows grow because I have full, very arched eyebrows naturally. There are quite a few spots though where the tattoo is still visible so to hide it I use this and believe me, it hides every spot of ink left. You can't even tell it's there. When I tell people my horror story, they don't believe that there is any tattoos on my face. And it isn't cakey or thick. It's perfect and lasts all day. I can touch over it and it doesn't smudge!

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Kimberly S.
Lives up to name

This concealer really does offer full coverage!! I bought it for under eye concealer and it was soo thick it made me look older! So I ended up using it to carve out my eyebrows; worked great!

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Jaci P.
I always comeback to this

This is my HG. It covers dark circles, and acne like a dream! It isn't oily and literally only a teeny tiny drop is needed! It has never creased on me

Kitty K. Moderator
Full coverage, Great for Comedogenic Prone Skin
Kitty K.'s Review Image

At work I occassionally sweat my butt off and I wanted to use a concealer instead of a foundation. I have seen Miss Jacqueline recommend this product countless times so I decided to give it a go. This concealer covers ANYTHING and if you like to do some color correcting you will appear absolutely flawless. I have dry skin and it worked well without appear dry or cakey. I use it under my eyes as well and it covers beautifully. Love this product, and love Miss Jacquelines amazing recommendations!

Myranda B.

Excellent coverage!

I use this on blemishes because the color is too dark for under my eyes. It covers very well & doesn't look cakey where you put it on.

Alyson B.
just a tiny dab will do ya

You barely need any at all and it will cover up any blemish or red spot/scar you might have. Set it with a little powder and it won't go anywhere all day. I don't recommend it for under eyes as it's way too dry - it's not really meant for that. If you want it for serious under eye darkness I suggest mixing it with eye cream. If it goes cakey on you, you're probably using way too much. You only need a pinhead size amount per spot!

Darian B.
A Little Truly Goes A Long Way.

I only use the smallest amount on this spot. Pinhead size and I only dab it on. No brushes, no tricks. Just my finger and I dab until everythinng blends. Same with the rest of my face if needed to cover small marks/discoloration.