Beauty Product Reviews

Beautiful Application

I love this brush. It blends on foundation effortlessly. And you can stipple more product on where needed. I wanted to give it a perfect 5 BUT..After the first use, it's not quite the same. Even after I clean it and clean it. It never seems to get clean enough. Even's an amazing brush!

Glamour in a Tube!

I LOVE THIS! Every color I've gotten has been amazing. The texture is so smooth. Like butter on toast. It just melts so beautifully. I can't stress that enough. And the gorgeous. And don't get me started on the packaging! You'll feel like a movie star every time you put this on. It's pricey, but lasts a long time.

Best Undereye Concealer I've found!

This really does the job. I like to use my fingers with this one though. It warms up the product so it melts into the skin. Very creamy and lasts all day for me.

Very Fun Colors

These bad boys really add fun to your day! Not everyone would wear these colors. But most people would gladly wear the red ones. They're fun..but super sticky, and very thick. This is something you just have to see to believe. And once you do, you'll love them!

Very Smooth

These almost condition your lips. They are so smooth. They also give a look as if you have gloss on. Even with primer, you have to re-apply quite a bit throughout the day.


INGLOT eyeshadows are so nice and velvety. Every single color I have is just packed with color! They glide on and blend out so smoothly. They are super affordable too..Especially if you do it in palette form. Like as low as $4.00 per shadow. Great way to build your own palette. Oh and the palette are so sturdy. They never fall out.

Softest Brush I've ever felt!

When I say that, I'm 100% for real! This is the softest brush I have ever felt. It's super compact too. It keeps its shape, and can do all sorts of things. An essential for any makeup kit.

Amazing full coverage concealer

This covers all of my skin imperfections. Including..Acne, Scabs, Redness, and Acne Scars. It blends out so naturally. That's if you don't use too much. The key to this is to layer it. If it doesn't cover right away just do a thin layer and almost let it sit. Then layer a bit more. Give this a try :)

Great Colors, Great Price

This palette makes me feel so fancy for some reason. I use this so much. The textures and colors are just wonderful. The palette itself feels very sturdy. It's pretty thin, with a mirror the entire size of the palette. Highly recommend.

Best Gel Liner

You can use this as a liner or a base. If you use the Duraline or something similar it makes it so much easier to apply. This is perfect for your waterline. I mean this stuff is completely waterproof! I had to buy a specific eye makeup remover just to take this off. However, if you're not steady-handed..this will be your worst nightmare. you can't make mistakes with this stuff. If you're confident with eyeliner you will LOVE this!!!!

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