Sigma Makeup

Round Top Synthetic Kabuki - F82

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Phoebe G.
Obsessed with this Brush!!

This is my all time favorite foundation brush. It is dense and creates a flawless finish, plus it feels great on the skin. The price is also a major plus! I highly recommend all Sigma brushes, but especially this one.

Hannah A.
Beautiful Application

I love this brush. It blends on foundation effortlessly. And you can stipple more product on where needed. I wanted to give it a perfect 5 BUT..After the first use, it's not quite the same. Even after I clean it and clean it. It never seems to get clean enough. Even's an amazing brush!

Katie J.

Before I bought this brush I had been applying foundation with my fingers. Seriously, once you use this brush you will never go back. To me it seems even more dense than the F80. I stipple my foundation on with this brush and then go back in with the F80 and blend where needed. It really helps you get the most coverage possible out of whatever foundation you're using. The bristles are so soft and it never sheds. The F80 & F82 are my absolute favorite brushes ever. I lost mine and I immediately had to order another one because I couldn't fathom putting on my foundation with any other brush. I highly recommend both!

Melanie G.
Great for mineral makeup!

There was definitely a learning curve to using this brush in comparison to what I had been using before. The size of the brush head was probably half of my Coastal Scents brush, so it takes a little longer to buff foundation onto your entire face than it would with a big brush. However, this brush lets you get into smaller crevices on your face like around your nose and eyes much better than a larger, flat brush would. Because of the size and shape, the application is more even and efficient because I’m able to really cover every area of my face. The brush itself is super soft, the same amount of softness as my Coastal Scents synthetic buffer. The only two downsides I have to this brush are; the handle is very long, so if you’re holding it by the handle, your hand is going to start hurting after a little while unless you hold it at the very base of the brush (like you would do with a regular short kabuki). This isn’t really that big of a deal since I hold it like that anyway. The second thing is that because it is so incredibly dense, the Sigmax brushes take foreverrrr to dry….so definitely have a backup if you can! I shampooed mine on Friday night. It is now Monday morning, and it is still damp. I think I may pick up the Sigma Shape and Dry to speed up the drying process!

Stacy N.

Okay, I know I see a lot of users using this brush as a concealer/foundation brush, but let me tell you. This brush is soooo much better as a powder brush! I tried it with foundation and concealer, but while it does a very good job at those applications, uniquely enough, it is better as a powder brush! I love it either way!

Catherine M.

I have at least 5 of these bad boys along with my F80/ It gets the corners of my nose great . Great application super dense and overall a great brush. A must have in any beginners kit!