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Great as a base

I love using the color Milk as a base. It makes any color to go over it pop like crazy! One thing though..for me if I didn't put and eyeshadow right over it after it was blended it would crease. If you plan on using powder products over this anyway, then you won't have a problem.

Very Pigmented!

These definitely have color to them. However, they bleed like crazy. I even used a lipliner and a lipstick under and it bled. These are best to use with a lip brush though. I found if you use it straight from the tube it gets super messy.

Only brush cleaner I will ever use!

Cleans brushes really nice, AND the brushes don't take forever to dry! (Which is great for makeup artists on location!) The only thing I will say against this is..Whenever I set this down after I've used it, it will leak from under the cap. I've had multiple bottles do this, and it's just kinda annoying. (Like someone else said, a pump would indeed make this easier. You could just get a bottle with a pump and pour this into that and BAM, problem solved.)

Works well, but not as good as..

I got this for my under eye circles. It's alright, but I find that the Tarte Amazonian Clay Under Eye Concealer works much better. I found it took a lot of product to cover, and smudged easily.

Nothing too special

I got this hoping it would make my lashes really pop! And it wasn't bad, but didn't blow me away. My lashes fell flat after maybe an hour. If you want a kinda natural look by far the best mascara I found was the Fairydrops one. (From Sephora) It keeps my lashes curled, and super long.

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