Beauty Product Reviews

Pretty Adorable

Let’s start out with the pros of this product:

The packaging is nothing short of amazing. Urban Decay wowed me again with this adorably compact box. It’s small, it’s sturdy, and it’s easy to carry around without worrying if it will open. The lace-like decoration on the top looks classy in my makeup bag without being too flashy or overwhelming.

The brow box comes with two colors, a small angled brush, small tweezers, and wax.

First of all, the brush is very nice. It’s sharply angled, there were no extra fibers sticking out of the sides, and it’s firm, which I like for an eyebrow brush. However, the handle is very small, which makes it difficult to maneuver sometimes. I keep it in the kit just in case, but usually just use a Sigma E65 instead.

The tweezers and amazingly sharp. They’re small, so they’re a little difficult to get used to, however they make up for it with their amazing precision.

The wax is fairly decent. I have somewhat unruly eyebrows, and the hairs tend to go every which way if I’m not careful. I find that the wax is not good for taming brows, but instead it’s better for keeping them in check. I can’t fix my brows with this wax, but I can keep them from getting any worse. I really think the wax would work really well for someone with thinner or shorter brow hairs than I.

Now on to the colors. I adore them. I think they’re highly pigmented without creating fallout under the brow (because that’s totally attractive, right?) and the two colors have similar undertones, so they can be used for different looks. I have very dark hair and very pale brows, so I tend to fill them in even when I’m not wearing makeup. I used to have to just barely dab my brush into my brow color and lightly sweep it on, which sometimes looked too heavy. The lighter of these two colors is perfect for going out without makeup because it doesn’t look as though I just used a color for blondes. It’s very warm so it goes with my hair without matching it dead on. My only concern is the lack of colors. It seems as though these are targeted towards darker brunettes and dirty blondes. What about the redheads and the light blondes of the world? So few companies cater to their brows, so I’m disappointed that Urban Decay, one of the more diverse companies, doesn’t have a brow color for them.

Overall I find that this product is worth the money, unless you have oddly-colored brows.

A Slight Disappointment

I had very high expectations for this product, as I’ve heard many great things about it.

However I’m not sure if this is the right gel eyeliner for me.

The packaging is basic black, with the name of the color and product on a sticker on the bottom of the pot. This is great if you only have one color. I feel like this would be a pain if one had multiple colors because you’d have to turn all the pots over until you found the right one. I don’t like how the lids aren’t completely flat, so I can’t store it upside-down for easier color identification. However, the packaging does look classy, so those are just minor complaints and I’m probably the only one in the world who thinks this way.

The liner itself is incredibly smooth. It feels like silk. It’s easy to pick up with a brush and it’s easy to lay down on the skin. It doesn’t pull on the eyelid, so the lines are always smooth. You know how sometimes eyeliners are a little dry, so they pull at the eyelid, which makes you have jagged eyeliner? Yeah, not attractive. This liner prevents that and guarantees a smooth finish. It’s matte, which I like because I find that shiny eyeliners bring out the fine lines and wrinkles in the eyelid, even on younger people. This liner takes a little while to dry, which might be a hassle for some people. However I find it useful because it allows a bit of time to smudge it out for a smokier look. When the liner dries, it stays. It won’t budge or flake off, no matter how many coats I end up layering. It doesn’t melt off in the heat or when I sweat and it’s slightly water resistant. I’d say it’s good for tears but not good for a swim in the ocean. The liner is safe and easy to use on the waterline, providing you have a decent brush. I use the Sigma E05 and I find that it does a wonderful job.

My only major concern with this product is that it’s not black. I was expecting some super-pigmented liner, but when I put it on it was just grey. I’m not sure if this was a bad batch or not, but I’m not willing to shell out the money for another one until I know that BlackTrack will actually be black.

Overall this is a fantastic liner, but I feel like it’s meant for someone with a little more skill. I don’t think it’s as dark as it should be, but to each his own.


This base coat is very successful in some ways, but extremely unsuccessful in others.

Let's start with the good:

The cap is rubberized. Enough said.

The bonder itself is super easy to apply. It's thin, but not watery and it dries quickly. It feels weird and rubbery, so sometimes it's hard to tell if it's dry or not, but usually after three or four minutes it's good to go.

Orly Bonder really does what it says- it BONDS. My nails almost never chip when I'm rockin the bonder, and when they do, it's because of something I did. This can help polish last up to an entire week without any tip wear.

Now on to the bad things:

This bonder doesn't prevent staining. This is a huge downside. I shouldn't have to use a base coat for my base coat. Even when I apply multiple coats of this, my nails still end up stained.

This isn't really a bad thing, but it's more of a tip:

You have to be really careful to not let any of the bonder get on the bottle threads because it will rubberize and bead up. It starts looking like rubber cement and it makes the bottle harder and harder to open. As a precaution, I just take a q-tip dipped in acetone and do a once-over on the threads.

This base coat is very nice for the price, but I'm still on the hunt for the holy grail of base coats.

Lovely Color Pay Off

I am in love with these lipsticks. I have four and all of them are very different from one another, but they all have the same quality. This is a big plus for me. I hate when brands use different formulas for different colors, because it makes picking out the right one difficult. Sometimes the lipstick is chalky, sometimes it's smooth, sometimes it's sheer. With these MUF lipsticks, I ALWAYS know that I'm getting a quality product.

Let's start with the packaging. They come in sleek, black plastic tubes with the brand name printed on the side. The bottom of the tube has a sticker in the color of the lipstick with the name on it. This is especially helpful because then you don't have to open all your lipsticks and search for the right one. I only wish the top of the cap was completely flat so I could store them upside-down (to better see the colored stickers). The packaging is lovely and unobtrusive, which I adore.

I have three satin colors (46, 39, 34) and one matte color (8). The satin lipsticks have a lovely finish. They aren't terribly shiny, but they have enough to almost glow. You can blot them without the color fading and they instantly become matte. They're really layerable and easy to apply with a lip brush. I don't like wearing lipgloss on top of the satin colors because I find that the lipstick is so creamy, some of the pigment comes off on my lipgloss brush.

The matte one I have is very chalky, like most matte products. I find it works better when it's warmed up a little bit, but it's still almost impossible to apply with a lip brush without being streaky. I also find that the matte lipstick lasts significantly longer than the satin ones (which already last all day for me). I can eat a hamburger with this lipstick on and don't have to reapply it afterward. I find that impressive. It doesn't come off on straws or the sides of cups, which is a huge bonus for me because I kinda hate lipstick stains.

These lipsticks also don't smell like chemicals. They're very faintly perfumed like musk, but it's only noticeable if you actually sniff the tube itself. This is a HUGE bonus for me, because I HATE walking around feeling like my nose is on fire. No one wants to smell chemicals or harsh perfume all day.

These colors are heavily pigmented and overall really amazing. They're long lasting and have great coverage. But there is one major problem:

These colors STAIN. You must be really skilled with lipstick to use these, because once they get on your skin, they don't come off. Concealer can cover mistakes, but the lipstick will usually eat the concealer over the course of the day. I wear my signature red lips almost every day, and have for seven years now, so I like to think I know how to wield a tube of lipstick successfully. HOWEVER I suggest for those who are less skilled to invest in a matching lipliner. This will help you define your lips without accidentally overdrawing them with the large tube of lipstick. This will prevent staining around your mouth.

Besides, looking like you drooled Kool-Aid all over yourself isn't very sexy.

Other than that minor issue, I'd say these are the perfect lipstick for anyone. There is a very large variety of color, so there's something for everyone in there.

The color I'm wearing in the picture is 8 Matte

Worth the Money!

Let's start with the packaging. It's adorable. Butter polishes look so nice in a set and the bottles are really hard to knock over. The name is printed on a sticker on the bottom of the bottle, which I like better than when it's printed directly on the glass. The sticker is easier to read. The little rectangular cap comes off to reveal the real cap, which is small, round, and textured. Not to mention adorable. It's a bit small for me to handle with comfort, but it might be perfect for someone with smaller hands.

The colors themselves are gorgeous, but not too original. I've seen many dupes of these colors by brands that are much, MUCH cheaper. However the quality is not matched.

Butter polishes apply just like that- butter. They dry quickly (even the cremes!) and are self-leveling. The polishes are heavily pigmented, but not gloppy, like many heavily pigmented polishes.. I usually only need two thin coats.

I have to say the best part about these polishes is their smell. It's so minimal. Usually 3free products smell awful, but these are quite bearable. These polishes also never really chip. Truthfully chipping is mostly dependent on the quality of the base coat, but even without a base coat, Butter sticks to my nails like glue. It does stain though (like any pigmented polish will).

The only problem I have with these polishes is that I find they eat top coat like crazy. I can polish my nails on a friday with a coat of Seche Vite and by monday the polish has turned a little duller. I know it's not how I treat my nails because I use many other brands, and Butter is the only one this happens with. Does anyone else have this problem?

Other than that minor setback, I think these polishes are fantastic. They're expensive, but because very few coats are needed, they last for a long time. I've never had to add any polish thinner to any of my bottles and I've had one for almost two years.

In my opinion, these are worth the money if you're serious about your nails. They're a perfect way to indulge.

My Favorite

This foundation is hands down the best that I have ever used! I cannot stress enough how amazing this is!

I had the misfortune to have terrible acne as a teenager. Actually, I had bad skin from age 11 to 17. I went on Accutane for a year, and my skin cleared up for the most part. Unfortunately I still have awful red scars (luckily no pock marks) and my skin is much more sensitive to products than it was before.

This is the only foundation that I've never had to use a green concealer with. It's heavily pigmented, so I've found the best way to apply it is with a stippling brush and to buff/stipple depending on the area of the face. It'll give you a truly flawless, airbrushed finish. It's easily blendable, so I can mix colors during the off months when my skin is a little tanner than normal. This foundation also has a lovely dewey finish. I like this for some of my looks, but powder will make it matte instantly. It doesn't melt off my face and when I blow my nose, the tissues doesn't drag away any of the color on my nose. I suggest this foundation to anyone with uneven skin. It's full coverage and flawless.

My only concern is that I feel like this foundation makes my face sweat more. No other foundation makes me feel like my face is covered up. A small price to pay for such a phenomenal product.

Great for a First Gel Liner

I had never used a gel liner before, and let me just say that this was the perfect beginner product! When I bought this it came in a kit with a brush as well.

The packaging is so cute. It's simple. It's easy to twist off the cap. You can tell which colors are which without having to turn the pot upside-down and look. The product itself has beautiful color payoff. I use the black almost regularly, and it is the most black eyeliner I have found. You know how sometimes black eyeliners look dark in the package, but they turn a little dusty/dull on your eye? Not this one. It creates deep, flawless lines. It's creamy enough to blend and create designs. It doesn't even flake off when I put a little too much on. The brush that came with this liner was really basic, so it gets the job done, but I feel that a thinner brush would do this liner more justice. This liner is so ridiculously waterproof. That is simultaneously a good thing and a bad thing... It's good because truly waterproof makeup is hard to come by. It's bad because it requires a little extra scrubbing to remove. My eyes aren't sensitive, but I know some people wouldn't be able to handle washing this off.

Overall I am in love with this liner, but I'm always looking for a bigger and better one.

The Holy Grail of Eyeliners!

Oh Urban Decay, you wowed me again. Just when I thought I couldn't love you anymore...

I have 12 different colors of the 24/7 pencil (accumulated throughout the years) and not one is any better than the other.

Let's start with the good things... Every formula is the same. You know how sometimes you buy two eyeliners from one brand and one is smoother than the other? Not with these. Every single one I own is just a smooth as the one before it. They all have outstanding color payoff. These are the only waterproof eyeliners I've ever used that don't smudge or run when I wear them on my waterline. The packaging is just as beautiful as the color, because the packaging matches the color! The name of the color is stamped right on the end of the pencil, so even if you sharpen it to smithereens, you can still read it. They're ultra smooth to put on, but they dry quickly. They're even layerable. They make for a great base with eyeshadows because they're creamy enough to blend over the lid, but dry quickly, so eyeshadow can be worked over it.

The only problem I have is the fact that this is a pencil. I, personally, prefer pencils over twist-up eyeliners, but I feel that these are just too soft to be in pencil form. I cannot count how many times I've sharpened these and the tip just falls right off. It's quite frustrating when you're in a hurry, especially with how much money these can be.

Overall these are seriously worth the money. I've had one for four years and it's still as vibrant and soft as it was when I first bought it.

Rich Colors

I have very vibrantly pink lips naturally, so I've always had a hard time finding a lip stain that actually changes the color of my lips. Until I met Lip Envy...

Urban Decay has never let me down in the past, so I went ahead and treated myself to both Envious and Greedy, without testing them first. Risky business! The first thing I noticed was the packaging. It. Was. LOVELY. These come in a little matte purple box, with a sort of varnish painted over in the shape of daggers. It creates a cool effect that you can only see in certain light. The color name was right on the top, stamped on a sticker that was the same color as the stain. I didn't have to pick up the box or open it to know what I was looking at. The bottles themselves are adorable little inkwells with the name on the bottom. They stand up really well, but I ended up stabbing myself with the applicator once or twice. Even better, the back of each bottle says cruelty free. This is a big one for me.

Let's start with Greedy... It's the darker of the two. The color payoff is ridiculous! It's such a beautiful color. I swiped it on and took a washcloth to my lips only a minute after applying... and the color stayed! Better yet, I didn't have to reapply the stain for 6 whole hours! And this was with regular application of lip balm.

Now on to Envious... This is the more pinkish of the two. It reminds me almost of a Barbie. This one had magnificent color payoff as well, but I found that it faded more than Greedy. This one only lasted about 3 hours (which is still amazing), and it feathered a little in my lips toward the end of the day. I think I prefer Greedy.

I do have a few issues with this product, but nothing too overwhelming. The doe-foot applicator I found to be a little too large and difficult to work with. I made a mess of my lips the first time I used this. However, with a steady hand and a little practice, I got used to the applicator. I suppose it's really the only one that would fit this sort of a product. The other problem I have is the stickiness. My lips felt like I had eaten candy immediately after application and the feeling didn't really go away until I put lip balm on. I don't like the feeling of "dirty lips."

Other than those two problems, I think this is a fantastic product and a must-have for anyone who loves Urban Decay!

The Best Yet

This may possibly be the holy grail of top coats. It adds such a lovely finish to my nails, even after a few days they still look shiny and brand new. It's ridiculously fast-drying. My dry time for most polishes is about 10 minutes. Great for if I'm about to drive somewhere. The polish is self-leveling, so it evens out even the most chunky glitters. Sometimes I've accidentally touched it while it's still wet and ten minutes later, the dent is gone.

As amazing as this product is, it still has a few downsides, none of which are major enough (in my opinion) to stop using the product.

One downside to using this is the smell. Oooh, the smell. But if you're willing to sacrifice a little temporary damage to your nostrils, this is well worth it.

Another is that this top coat is not 3-free. It has toluene, but luckily not the other two, DBP and formaldehyde.

My only MAJOR concern is that sometimes if I put a little too much on, I get shrinkage around the tips of my nails. This normally wouldn't be that big of a deal, but as an art student, I have my hands in water... A lot. If the shrinkage is too drastic, sometimes the entire "sheet" of nail polish will lift up and peel completely off. This is the only top coat that I've had that happen with. It's easy to get around, but sometimes when I'm in a rush my coats get a little heavy. Has anyone else had this problem?