Beauty Product Reviews

Good product

The concealer is very creamy. I have the 003 [light medium] which is a good color for a skin tone like mine. But because it's very creamy, I usually use it just a little bit with a lip brush on my lips to take out the pinkish color before applying the lip color that I want to use.

Ideal Foundation! LUV IT!

Absolutely my best foundation so far. Feels very light on my face. However if you use it with the sponge, you won't see lot of the foundation. Therefore I use a foundation brush and works perfectly! It has 18 SPF which makes it easier especially in this Carnival Season here in Aruba when the artists have to make up their groups. Normally they would use a sunblock before applying a foundation, but with this need to and it's pretty cheap too ;-)

BEST lip glosses EVER...........

I love how they are! The best VS lip glosses........ I just love the fact that they are: - smoothly - slightly shimmering [hate big glitters in lip glosses] - soft colors - yummy flavors and for each is $7.00 USD 5 lipglosses for $20.00 USD

LUV it!!!

This is a must mascara! I had several brands of mascara............but this is 'till now TOP 1!!! Waterproof Your lashes stays with a natural look. Not with bulpy liquid on eyelash. When you have to take it off, very easy.....


0.0 stars for eyeliner. It's a dry gel eyeliner. 5.0 stars for eyebrows!!

Did some experiments on the eyebrows and was PERFECT!! All natural look! The pencil doesn't do the same and the gel eyeliner doesn't run off your face when you sweat! I personally can't use it anymore on my eyebrows, because I got them tattooed. But did make-up on people and I used it on them.........definitely happy with it!


Yes Sir I'm giving this a 5.0 stars!! Takes the make-up pretty good off! Especially on the eye-lashes! Doesn't have a scent in it, but it's fine with me.......... no need the scent, but just have to do it's job. As you can see on the picture, that's the bottle size.

It's ok

I love the creamy eye shadow. The color is slightly shimmering which is nice. What I don't like is the eyeliner. It's very watery and doesn't dry that fast. I just don't like it. I prefer to use a pencil eyeliner instead of the liquid one.

LUV it VERY much..........but

Luv my sharpener but I gave it 4.5 stars because the only reason is that AVON USA does not make this with a cap that can hold up the wood shavings but the AVON PERU [LatinoAmerica] does well. But I love the job from the AVON USA better!! Look at the picture so you can see the difference!

LUV it!!!

Totally in love with this brush! It blends the Concealer/Base very good and fine to all places. Hair doesn't come off the stick with is good!!! It's very soft and it remains after using it the same. Thumbs up with this one

Nice eyeshadow

Giving this 3.5 stars only. I love the way it have it presentation. Mirror is big enough to see your eyes. On the back [below] has instructions how to use specific eye shadow on specific areas on your eye lids. But: You have to use 2 concealers on you eyelid. Lighter and Darker. Because the grey and black eye shadow seems to me to be the same colors. You don't really see it darkening, not even if you put a lot of the powder & it's not supposed to paint like that neiter. I had to use an extra eye shadow from another brand to complete the smokey eyes.

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