Beauty Product Reviews

It's great to keep in your handbag for a quick refresher, it makes the skin look hydrated. It's expensive so don't over spray but hey beauty cost millions so spray away!

It's an oldie but goodie, it works as long as you use at least twice a day. You can't go wrong with any Olay products. It's easy access at any local drugstore and all of the women in your family knows that Olay is a keeper. I say purchase them until the wrinkles become out of control.

For the price its good. There isn't anything fancy about the polish it's simple but it does last and you don't have to worry about reapplying constantly. Some chica's might leave it alone because it's a cheap brand, it's all about how it looks on your nails and the lasting of color. If you want to dress it up get nail art and you will be fine!

I thought this was a great polish it lasts so I am all for that. But if you plan on purchasing this collection it's gone. The colors were pretty hopefully they come out with a new collection as good as this.

I love the brand's variety of colors, the colors will have you buying their whole nail collection. BUT when you apply it on your nails and your excited because the color is gorgeous just remember when you wake the next day, say hello to Ms.Chipper because that's what this polish is excellent for chipping. I only rock Sinful Colors when I am going out for a Friday or Saturday night after that I continue with my other brand that last at least 5-7 days!

Their lipgloss is good for a drugstore brand, it gives good effect and shine. It's a great product for getting a model look and also a everyday simple girly style.

I wanted this shade after seeing Beyonce rock it out. Add MAC lip glass in a similiar shade and expect lips to look like fire. It's all about the drama if you looking for a bold statement. Spending money on MAC for me means going hard not simple.

The color is intense and dramatic, great night time out look. It's excellent quality and the packaging is also sturdy. Nars beauty products are high end so expect to look flawless, love the purple duo!

Fabulous look and fabulous scent, it's the total package. I got this as a gift with the lotion and oh my god, first whiff and I was like I know this was $$$. It looks gorgeous on a vanity and the scent is amazing. The lotion alone is worth endulging in because it's just as long lasting as the fragrance.

A scent that has always been in my top 5, it's the scent I always tell women to buy when they're on the hunt for a new scent. If you buy the set with the lotion you are sure to smell good from the morning hours until the sunset set. Men love the smell so wear it and expect to be the center of attention. I love this!

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