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Craze Nail Color

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Alisa W.
Last Craze collection - Inked
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The Craze line has been discontinued so I think this is the last collection in the line. Nine great bright colours in a creme finish. I only ended up purchasing two but I may have to go back and get some more. Small bottles and stubby brushes but nothing that you can't work with. A bargain at $2.99!

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Linda B.

Love this color! Perfect for my complextion and any color outfit I where. Bought one bottle...wish I had bought 40. Can't find any at walmarts or walgreens anymore ;-(

Laura  K.
Great buy!

I have these in Nocturnal and Glitz and I love them. They are only $2, they go on smooth and have a great color to them. They last long too!! it only takes me one coat to get great color so if i'm in a rush I just slap a coat on and a top coat and i'm out the door! I love them and I would most defiantly recommend to anyone who wants to try fun new colors :)

Yasmin K.
Great colors
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Unfortunately Wet 'n' Wild has discontinued the Craze line, according to their Ambassador Nouveau Cheap.

From left to right: 33464 The Wonder Yellows 33470 The Gold & Beautiful

230 Inferno 232 Goldmine 234 Jade 235 Morbid 236 Lust 238 Nocturnal

Krystal C.
I hunt them down on Ebay!
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I found the Wet n' Wild Craze Nail Color on CVS's website a couple months ago, and purchased the only two shades they offered on sale for $1.59 from $1.99. After many online searches, I could only find these polishes sold online with CVS and Ebay.

The formula is a quite sheer color with micro glitters The polish applies pretty nice, the glitters are not chunky or gritty after drying. I was really surprised by the glitters because in the bottle it looks like a shimmer polish, but after applying you can see it's on the sheerer side and packed with these micro glitters. I only had to apply two coats to get a full coverage, although the Goldmine shade is still sheer enough to see the whites of my nails through the two coats. The brush is mediocre, it doesn't really fan out much, so it takes a few strokes to fill the nail bed width.

I wore both of these shades, lazily without a base coat or top coat, and they lasted about 5 days before chipping started. I had been doing my regular domestic chores and I did chip a couple nails on the kitchen cupboards (because we don't have knobs to open them, so I always have to grab the edges to open the doors). Then when I removed the polishes, it was so smooth and easy to remove. The glitters are so tiny that they don't really stick to the nails, it was pretty fun removing the polishes! :)

In conclusion, if you can find these polishes I would definitely recommend picking up some of the glittery ones because they are fun to apply, wear and remove.

Chastity P.

I thought this was a great polish it lasts so I am all for that. But if you plan on purchasing this collection it's gone. The colors were pretty hopefully they come out with a new collection as good as this.