Beauty Product Reviews

wish I could give it more stars!

I think I might have.. Well its safe to say I own more than 10 of their colors. I also have the base coat and the top coat as well. My nails take a beating, thanks to my job. They are constantly being washed and in water. Most polishes last 2 days.. if that on my nails. These are the only polishes that last on my nails. The colors are great and I am so excited for all the holiday colors I am going to have to get those asap. I love how the color in the bottle is the color that ends up on your nails. I always do 2 coats but with some of these I could honestly get away with one. I Have one (the name is something dragon) its a purple neon with this great magenta glitter. and then another that is a deep denim blue that I get the most compliments. Also Bought colors from their Halloween collection!! I'm just plain hooked

Do Not Dry out lips

Let's see I have Paris and Narcissus. I love them! They are great colors! They go on real soft and smooth and aren't drying. I hate when lipstick does that. Looking at all the colors on the side here I see so many more colors I have to have.

I like it, it is a good concealer. but that's just it for me, its not over the top amazing. I like the fact that it is creamy in texture and goes on well, the color is a good color. It does conceal a good amount of my under eye area, it definitely brightens. My under eyes are a mess so it usually takes more than one color to make me look normal, and a super heavy coverage.

I have skinny jeans and tattle tale. They are perfect when used with other shadows on top, they give that extra punch to your look, by themselves I like them, but not as much as with shadow, as a liner they are great. I haven't had any problems with creasing. The tattle tale also makes a great highlight color, I have used it for that as well and gotten good results.

I love these! I have two I use all the time one is Ceramic its all grey/black and I also have one that is tropical/Yellow/Lime green. I love love love how pigmented they are, they go on real nice and smooth. Seems like they last forever! you also get a lot of product in them. I use the, so often and I still have yet to see pan. It's nice how the colors go together so well. The one with the brighter colors look amazing when you use all three, I get compliments when I wear them. They give you the perfect smokey eye with little to no effort.

Love the brush!

I have this in Black, I love the brush its nice and big. I have super straight eyelashes, most times curling them isn't enough not all of them will curl, this with curling my lashes is so amazing. Even without curling my lashes look pretty and normal. I get a nice length from it as well, and a little volume. Perfect for everyday looks, And I love how the black is a really rich black pigment. I hate when black mascaras look grey. ick this one doesn't

Great Staying Power, Love the Colors

To Start I have these in Electric,Zero,Lucky,Lust,Covet.. and really I need more, they make me happy! Once they are on you have time to smudge them if you want, Other than they stay so well. I had fallen asleep with eye makeup on when I woke up these liners were still perfect. I was excited, then horrified I never took it off in the first place.

Love the Color, so nice and glossy!

I love super glossy lips especially when all my other make is real simple, anything with a brush applicator is also a plus, the color is nice and light. This has great shine. The fact you twist to get the product out makes me feel like I am not wasting the product!

Love This So Much!

I love the light pink super glossy color, It is perfect for when I am wearing little makeup and also perfect for when I go full blown over the top dramatic. the only issue is it has a good smell so sometimes i want to lick it off. its smooth and never sticky