Beauty Product Reviews


So not gonna lie, I picked this up for my nail kit for school and I only bought it because it said "Hawaiian".... my boyfriend is Hawaiian! Haha but now I use this EVERYDAY! It is awesommmmmme! Unlike most cocoa butter type lotions or moisturizers I've used in the past that made me look oily or even sweaty, this lotion penetrates deep into your skin and just hydrates the heck out of it! It's super creamy and smells DELICIOUS! I typically use it on my face and for me it's important that it smells good b/c you have to sniff it all day! LOL I also keep some in my nail kit (because thats what I bought it for) and i use it on my clients hands and feet and they LOVE it! <3 I can't wait to try more Alba Botantica products! I bought mine from Target!


This is a polish collection MUST HAVE <3 It actually has a matte texture & look when it dries and is nude so when you polish over it, no mater what polish you're using... It hugs the base coat like nobody's business! It is just FABULOUS! It makes almost any polish stand out and I would buy this AGAIN AND AGAIN! It's worth every penny!

Worth the buy! :)

Of course I couldn't expect too much from a product that was a "sheer tint" so it didn't really hide too many blemishes. I did however, expect it to be a little more moisturizing. It could have been "user error" and maybe I put it on too thin or could have applied a second coat but the moisturizing value wasn't too great. Once I set it with the blot powder it actually highlighted the dry spots on my face! Again, that could be because I chose to use it as a sheer foundation instead of a primer. I'm sure that it's going to take a couple of uses before I can actually decide how I feel about it, so we'll see.

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Not a big fan of lipstick, lipgloss, or chapstick? Well this product is a perfect mix!! <3 I have 2 shades and I've tried another two that one of my girlfriend has... and we loved them we literally bout 1 each and went back and bought another shade 30 minutes later! Every shade comes out exactly how it looks but they don't look over powering and full like a lipstick. They have just the right amount of color and sheerness! This is definitely a makeup bag MUST! Especially if your someone who doesn't like having to get up ever so often to reapply your lipstick! You can sit at your desk at work, apply, and not have to worry about mess or making sure that you "stayed in the lines" LOL. The best part is that it actually moisturizes and keeps your lips well hydrated! LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! <3

Made my life 100xs easier!

I LOVE THIS PALETTE! So I don't keep up with new palettes and such and I actually happened to be browsing around Sephora with one of my girlfriends, came across it, loved it but didn't buy it. Luckily my birthday was around the corner and my girlfriend, that I was shopping with, was paying attention when I said that I really wanted/needed a natural palette and she bought it for my birthday!!! SHE IS THE SWEETEST THING AND AN ANGEL because now that I work for "Corporate America" lol I cant exactly wear all of those funky shades from the Coastal Scents 88 shimmer palette and not to mention I don't exactly have the time to pick which one I'd wear for the day. Now when I need something simple, this is my go to palette! It is so easy to do something light, something dark, something smokey, something fun, or something casual. There is a style for everyone in this palette and it's definitely not one where certain shades would be ignored! The crease brush that is included is fantastic as well as the dual ended shadow brush!! Even the included lip gloss is a WIN! I love this palette and wouldn't give it up for the world!!!

Pretty Nice.

For whatever reason I always make my lines thicker than I intend when I'm using this product on myself, I should probably use a liner brush.... but when when applying make-up to others... I love this product! It glides on right on top of pigments, powder eye shadow, cream eye shadow... and it is a great buy! :)


I love mascara but this one is the best by-far! I have pretty healthy lashes to begin with but they don't really stand out much but, when I use this mascara my eye lashes suddenly grow 100000xs longer! Of course I'm exaggerating but this is my go to mascara to finish any look! <3