Turnaround Instant Facial


peppy g.

It's probably effective about helping shed dead skin cells, because whenever I look gray and I wear this for a bit, I start looking like a proper living being again. The only problem I have with it is the glitters. I'm not even sure why this has shimmery (teeny-tiny) glitter, but it does. And IDK if that's even necessary, I wouldn't use this before an important (serious-y) event because I wouldn't want my face shimmering at the event, it's only fun when you get glitter all over your cell phone. LOL. I'd probably rate it higher, maybe 4½ if the glitters went away. I gave it a 4 for being more easily accessible compared to "Cure Natural Aqua Gel". But please, my head is not a disco ball.

Darby D.

Disappointed by this product.. I can't believe they try to compare it to microdermabrasion.... The "exfoliating granules" are super small and it doesn't seem to exfoliate that well, and when I take it off it leaves behind this gross shimmery residue and makes my skin look dirty. Not worth the $, there are much better exfoliating face mask/scrubs out there.

A Marie S.
Works but on't like the leftovers

For a 5-minute treatment this can't be beat. You can put it on in the shower while you use a conditioning treatment or shave your legs. My one complaint is that it leaves behind a sort of shimmer-glitter afterwards that I find noticeable and I would rather it not leave anything behind. I guess it makes you look "radiant" but I feel a little silly walking around in glitter.

Nancy-Lee C.
I use it every Monday and Thursday!

i have used all of the Turnaround products and this one does not disappoint!! it is so fast, only 5 minutes - and the results are like a 30 minute mask! Since the TAC line is designed to quickly brings new skin cells to the surface and reveal younger looking skin, my moisturizers sink in faster and with less product. I do need to use a warm wet washcloth to remove it. This is a container redesign which is much easier to use the product. Get it - you won't be disappointed.