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So easy!

Love this product and would recommend it seriously to anyone, I got it while i was in Iceland I live for this, makes it so easy for me to do makeup on my clientele because I dont have to worry about having a bunch of different eyebrow things with me, its an all in one product for everyone! Good job makeup store

So smooth!

I love all of Dior's lipsticks i must say that the addict lipsticks are some of the smoothest that I have tried, I do recommend this for someone who is looking for a non sticky but glossy look, and it has a really nice pigment to it! Not to mention the packaging is so rich! love! Recommend it highly!


I often recommend this product to my clients they ask me does it really work, IT DOES!! It truly does, its an amazing primer but if you put it on your lashes 2 a week before you go to bed you start noticing a difference, why should you condition your hair but not your eyelashes, love love love this product!

I like!

This is one of the best setting sprays that I have tried personally, I went to a rave with my full makeup on left with a full face of makeup, This stuff does work through hard dancing and what not. I do recommend this if you're looking for something to set your makeup for an event of some sort, don't recommend for everyday use, afraid it will start clogging your pores after long term use.

I Love

This is a very thick consistency concealer, one thing i love Benefit for is their concealers each and every person with a different concern, I would only recommend this product to someone who really needs the coverage and knows how to use it properly, or if I explain it to them otherwise this will last you for so long, and its a great smooth formula as well. Thumbs up Benefit.


Love the colours that these are available in, they're a good pigment as well, seem to last for all day long, the packaging is easy and light so overall great product! Definitely recommend this.

Its a primer

I usually don't recommend primers to clients, they're an accessory product as i like to call it, it's not something you necessarily need to add to your makeup bag, but it sometimes in certain situation can be an asset I do not see this as one. But if I am going to be using an eyeshadow primer this is the direct winner.

Couldn't Love this more!

Absolutely in love with this product and would recommend it to anyone, especially my clients, this helps detoxify your skin from the first layer thats what a lot of people do not know about this product its seriously a miracle product that I didn't know existed till recently. Honestly i cannot rave enough! It completely makes your blemishes disappear as well as blackheads. you can see results within the first three applications


As a professional Makeup Artist looking for this desperately this is something I would love to have for my kit, I have been looking everywhere online for this and I am not able to find it! This is the perfect thing for any Makeup Artist because it comes with the lighting where if you're in the darkest attic you still have the lighting you'd need to be able to see what you're doing! Perfection in a box.

Love love love!

Can't say anything but good things about this product, the packaging is so that makeup artists can pop off the lid for easy access and so they do not have to fuss over the lid! Highly pigmented, and a very smooth application with this shadow. Great pricing for the amount given in the product! love.

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