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Favourite non-high brand foundation by far!

I've been using this foundation for the past two months and I am so pleased with it. It lasts well for the day with a powder applied on top, creates an even look and a little of the product goes a long way. In my opinion, the only negative with this product is that although it manages to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day, it can begin to make my skin oily after about 5 hours. However, this problem is easily fixed by blotting my face and then applying a little more powder. In the UK it is only £4 which is extremely good value, especially for a foundation that works so well.

Perfect for combination skin.

I have combination skin and in the past, I have struggled to find a moisturiser that didn't leave my skin oily but also one that actually eliminated dry skin as well. Finally, I found this moisturiser! It leaves my skin hydrated but not oily, and full of elasticity throughout the day. My skin has not felt tight or dry in AGES. Another pro for this product is that it acts as a good primer before applying makeup.


I am actually in love with this foundation! I had a makeover today at a Dior counter and this was the foundation the makeup artist used. I had the makeover about 8 hours ago and I still keep looking at my skin because it has remained looking fresh!

The Dior Soothing Moisturizing Lotion, Dior Capture Totale One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum, Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential and Dior DiorSkin Forever Compact Powder complimented the foundation perfectly.

It's a great foundation to wear for the daytime as it really illuminates the skin and finishes with a lovely dewy look. In Boots stores in the UK, it is £31.00 for a 30ml bottle however, a little amount of the product goes a long way. Worth every penny.


Haven't got a thing to criticise about this brush. It's so soft, comfortable to hold and allows you to apply your concealer very, well leaving you with a flawless look. Love it!

Best primer to date

Primer perfection in a bottle. Smooth consistency, easy to apply and a little goes a long way. I have combination skin and was curious whether the primer would act consistently effectively and it managed to do so. In addition, it leaves the skin looking natural, to the extent that you may sometimes feel that you don't even need to wear foundation. Only slight criticism is that in the UK, a 22ml bottle of this is £23.50 which is relatively good however, £20 would seem like the most decent price. Overall, I'd recommend this product to anyone.

Like them a lot!

I have only used these as an eye crayon so far. They are long lasting, lovely creamy texture, relatively pigmented and have the perfect amount of shimmer. They look great when worn alone (sometimes creases only slightly when worn like this) but also when coated with the matching shade of eyeshadow. My favourite is the turquoise/blue crayon and I use Essence's eyeshadow in the "Happy Hour" shade to coat. This eyeshadow is closely matched to the crayon's shade because it has a shimmer too. Wouldn't recommend wearing a matte blue as it would eliminate the brilliance of the crayon's shimmer.

Best to wear in the daytime

Nice texture and it's one of those products where a little goes a long way. You have to be really observant when applying this though as it can slyly turn you into an orange. I find that after applying a little, it's best to wait a few seconds for it to really set into my foundation to see the resultant shade more accurately. When wearing it on a night out, it can need reapplying at least once (rarely more than once) but this is less likely to be the case when wearing it throughout the daytime.

A debatable mascara

I was approached one morning whilst shopping, by a Benefit Cosmetics makeup artist that was offering makeovers to promote this mascara, so I decided to have one. She emphasised how amazing the mascara was and that is the world's best selling mascara so I was really excited to have it applied. However, I was quite disappointed by the product. The look it achieved was average and slightly clumpy so all in all, not as effective as it was built up to be. Although on the other hand, it was long lasting. .

Was Expecting Better Results

Thin consistency. I didn't find this on its own resurfaced and brightened my face. It only slightly protected my skin as well. I instead used it after first applying Simple's Hydrating Light Moisturiser and leaving it to set for a few minutes, as it proves a more effective result. However, when used on its own, it did smooth and mattify my skin which produced a nice base for my makeup to be applied on to. Also, it made my foundation last for up to 4-5 hours with no moisturiser and 5-6 with the moisturiser.

Nice For Highlighting Eyebrows

It's relatively pigmented and stays on for quite a long time. You can use it without eye primer but I think the colour appears more solid when worn with an eye primer. The texture of it is smooth which makes it comfy to wear. Overall, I like it :)

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