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OCD with this color

My favorite by far! It goes perfectly with the Diva shade of lipstick by MAC, but it can even be used as a lipstick because the pigmentation is that good. Same quality as MAC lip liners for a fraction of the price. However, I do wish these were retractable.

Definite Must Have & One of A Kind Colour

The pink undertone to Heroine is what really makes this lipstick an extraordinary must have. While it's not an everyday look for a lot of people, I think it is perfect for those who are going out at night or want to make a statement for the day with dolled up eyes and Heroine on their lips.

Purple Black Love

The perfect night time look, but it definitely draws attention and compliments throughout the day. This has been one of my faves since I bought it earlier last year when looking for black lipstick that Mac no longer carries. I'm happy I found this as it goes with EVERYTHING dark despite it being purple, and it's such a dark and even shade when going on. I do believe this is a satin finish, but if you've read previous reviews on Mac lipstick I've done, then you know some sans of baby powder on top of the lipstick while it's already on the lips will give the lipstick a matte finish.

Great before the Kylie Jenner craze

I bought this color in January of last year. I loved it because it was very different, HOWEVER, I know it isn't my perfect nude. It's a matte color, but it goes on like velvet. It makes my lips look bigger, and I love that it almost blends in with my skin. I remember watching AndreasChoice YouTube videos awhile back and she swore by adding a little bit of foundation to the lips to create that nude look. I always liked the idea, but I never tried it because I never used nor needed foundation, and I wasn't going to buy some just to put on my lips. Long story short, velvet teddy is really great. It looks amazing with a brown lip liner and although it's not my perfect nude, it my nude nonetheless.


I absolutely love this color. It's dark and lovely, and it looks great against my complexion especially in the fall and winter months when my skin is lighter. It's matte, which is perfect because that's my preference of finish for lipstick because my lips are big. Matte makes more of a statement, while the more shiny finishes like satin can sometimes give off the greasy look on my lips or anyone's lips for that matter. I definitely agree that this lip is a great fall trend, but I would and will wear it year round as I find that it looks really good on me. Definite pick up and I will always have this in my bag. It's only slightly lighter than Sin, the sold out Mac color that I ordered online and am waiting eve so patiently for haha

Affordable. moisturizing. A natural.

This is a rosy nude color on me, but I love it! I love how it goes with my complexion. I have a caramel complexion with yellow undertones, and unlike other lipsticks that have the name nude or appear to be that, this inexpensive NYX lipstick works for. I wish it was a matte color, but for the look of this as well as the price I could not pass this beautiful, smooth and silky color up!

I originally went in to the store looking for nyx maison, but it appears to be sold out everywhere unfortunately for me. Maybe I'll be able to find it in a local beauty store, but I love that NYX has variety when it comes to the colors they carry with their lipstick.

Anyway, here's a tip! If you ever want a lipstick to be matte, just apply baby powder over your lips with an eyeshadow brush and there you have it - matte. Also, I think matte goes really well on women with big lips. It make a bold statement.

Aside from ky not being matte, I wish the packaging were like the matte packaging. I'm not sure if the packaging is durable or not, but the color of the top is off putting. It looks a little cheap. Then again, I am a MAC lipstick lover and I love their packaging, but NYX is a great alternative to MAC lipsticks especially when MAC sells out of the color you're looking for.

Too Costume For Me

I know that this item is no longer available, but I really didn't like this color on me. The good thing about it is that the pigmentation is high! What's better than a pink that really shows the color that it actually looks like in the tube when it's on your lips? This lipstick isn't for the everyday look, as most MAC lipsticks aren't, but I'm a MAC lipstick fanatic and I love Matte finish colors Cyber, Velvet Teddy, Diva, and Heroine. This Nicki Viva glam is costumey and really stands out just like Nicki did with all of the different hair colors, hairstyles and costumes. Maybe I'll give it a try for Halloween 2015 as I still have it, but I just don't think it goes well with my complexion.

Great stuff, but...

I use only a dab of this in my hair when I get out of the shower. My hair is very curly, but when I use a lot of this my hair shrinks up A LOT. It gets very kinky. Dont mind it, but I could use another product for that.

Other than that the smell is fresh and clean, just like garnier fructis. It smells very fruity.

Gotta Have It

I love this product because

1. I have big lips 2. It's not super shiny but it really moisturizes 3. Even when I get to the bottom of it I still have a ton left.

Chapstick doesn't seem to do the job for me. Whatever is in this is perfect for me, and it serves as a super good base whenever I want to wear use my red lipstick as a tint.

The Real Deal

I got mine in warm and the colors aren't super pigmented alone, but once it's used with the eyelid primer by E.L.F., it is amazing pigmentation. Either way, this pallette has colors that are easy to blend. I really like the shimmery shadows, but there are a few matte colors in there, which isn't bad. Blending shimmer with matte is what I do the most because you can always put shimmer over matte. Anywho, it's only $5, so it's not too much to lose if you don't like it.

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