Beauty Product Reviews


Feels very dry without adding something to give your lips some moisture, but that's what I expected anyways...color is pretty, was good to try but don't think it's worth purchasing again.


Notttt a huge fan, I only really like the Blue one they have, but even that doesn't apply well... cheap stuff, spider like lashes and not much else to it...Also seems like not a ton of product and dries out quick


okay so I neveeeeeer even thought about trying this foundation and I work at Ulta. I have tested many of the brands we have (duuhhh haha) working there, but this just never seemed to cause any interest to me. That is until someone I work with came in with no foundation on and applied this before her shift and the smoothness and flawless look it gave her was amazing!!! I HAD to try it, and sure enough I got compliments on how improved my skin looked. PLEASE go give this a try, use a tester and you will be hooked!!

Love it!

Really does give you a looong lasting look and a smooth looking face. I find it to be a bit thick of a liquid but I also like that quality in my foundation for the coverage. I set mine with a powder and it stays on very well. You won't need to empty your wallets on an expensive high end brand once you try this :D

Love/Hate Relationship

Okay the concept of this polish is great and fun! The look is cool and I get lots of compliments on it. Buttt some things I don't like about it. It tends to clump on the end of the brush and have a weird texture which makes it hard to paint on just a thin layer and not overlap coats... Sometimes I try to do one stroke and it just stops painting halfway down my nail because of it drying SO quickly to the brush. Sometimes as well it doesn't even crackle except in one or two spots (and yes I do thin coats) But it's not that big of a deal because you can just take it off and do it again (patients may be needed :D )

Lasts Forever!

I love this product, another must have for me. I don't know how I ever got by without it! I also like this primer better than the Urban Decay because its in a tube format and you can get a lot more product out of it rather than the bottle with the little wand.

This really makes my shadow have long staying power and isn't greasy and dries quickly! Also, one tube lasts SO long because you only need a tiny dab for both eyes!! Try it and you will not be disappointed!

Transforms eyeshadows

I can't even bare to think what I would do without this product in Black Bean or Milk. Amazing bases to use to make an eyeshadow pop and look more vivid. The Black Bean gives a perfect 'Night out' look to any eyeshadow as well! Also good for smokey eyes. Milk is great for any color really. <3 def. must have!

Mint one is yummmmy!

I absolutely love this lipbalm! Not only everytime I pull it out of my purse, someone asks "What the heck is that!?", but they end up coming to my store (Ulta) and grabbing one. The packaging is cute and different and the product is smooth and does what it claims to do. Mint is my favorite and gives a minty fresh feeling.....Passionfruit smells like cat litter to me haha