Beauty Product Reviews


I like a lot of Philosophy's products, but they lost me on the cleanser. I don't know whether it's the hard water in California or not, but it doesn't feel clean after I rinse it off. It feels like it leaves a "film" on my skin. Yuck.

Great Colors!

I bought a couple of these on sale when Nordstrom cleared them out. The bottle makes it hard to get too the product, so I sprinkle a little on my hand. WOW!!! They are so pigmented that you only need a TINY bit, tap it on your lid and you're good to go. They also work great wet as a liner or for bright color. If you can find it, get it!


The French make the best shadows, lipsticks, and perfume. The Germans make the best pencils. Those are the facts. I have a few of these, the work wet or dry, sheer to full coverage, go on creamy and last a long time. Forever with Lancome's shadow base. They are a little pricey, but wait until they have a good Gift W/ Purchase!

Great Color Combinations!

These are nice for a cream shadow, and best if used as a base for a similar color. The texture isn't too thick, it blends easily, you can easily mix colors, and the color combinations are well planned. Great price, too!

Pretend Make Up

I like most of Cover Girls stuff, the prices are excellent. But the shadows are a joke, so little pigment it's not worth the effort. I gave them to my 12 year old niece, at least I know she can't over do it!


For the price, you can't beat these creamy powder shadows. But 12 hours? That's pushing it, I'd say 10 maybe. Some matter colors would be nice, or even single colors!

Love it!

This is the first powder brush that has never shed on me! Bobbi, Stila, and Chanel all shed. The cap is an excellent idea, it keeps the brush clean and shaped, and perfect for travel.

Nice Brush..

I like this brush, the angle makes it fool-proof. It's a very fine liner, nice for an easy day look. I wish they had a couple more sizes, the size limits it's usefulness.

Poor Girl's Chanel No 5

I still wear this fragrance, almost every day, usually as an all-over spray with a stronger fragrance layered over pulse points. It blends well with any other fragrances, and gives them a little "innocence". It is so soft and sweet, and boys & men love it because it doesn't smell too flowery. Problem is, being a cologne, it doesn't last very long. But if given as a gift to a younger lady, she will not over do it!

Gets too dry

This stuff, when new, goes on like a dream and stays on forever! About 1/4 of the way through it, it slowly started to get dry, thick, and went on less and less smooth. For the price and how long it lasts, I would not purchase again.

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