Sweet Honesty Cologne Spray


Myrna P.

My oldest daughter loves this perfume. Great gift to give! Soft smell that isn't too overwhelming and very subtle. The roll on deodorant is the best! I use it normally before bed, you only need one or two spritz.

Emily M.

I am a new AVON rep.

I've been using Avon products since I was a little girl. A family friend was an "Avon lady". Love them because they make great go-to's for everyday wear and even for a night out. I really love Avon products because they are practical, easy to use, and of course BEAUTIFUL!

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Emily B.

I love this scent...I remember my mother wearing this smell when i was a child and then when i was in High School I wore it...it really is a great scent because it is soft and sweet but not overpowering...and obviously it is one that lasts through the ages.

Darilynn T.
Poor Girl's Chanel No 5

I still wear this fragrance, almost every day, usually as an all-over spray with a stronger fragrance layered over pulse points. It blends well with any other fragrances, and gives them a little "innocence". It is so soft and sweet, and boys & men love it because it doesn't smell too flowery. Problem is, being a cologne, it doesn't last very long. But if given as a gift to a younger lady, she will not over do it!

Loretta G.

Wore this fragrance back in the seventies while in middle school and Jr. high. Reminds me of good times while growing up in Cleveland and Atlanta! The boys in my 8th grade class loved it, especially Ernest Hollis and Tony Lewis! My 2 boyfriends at the time it was ok back then for an 8th grader to have two!....lol!

Jessica G.

I love this fragrance. It's very light and smells so good. Avon products are very good and have a very good price. I ike that it comes in special packages like you get the perfume plus the cream plus the deodorant. The scent lasts quite a while and usually there's no need to retouch it.

Dallas Lynne S.

When I had this I thought it was absolutely wonderful smelling. I used it everyday and it made me smell great, but in order to have the smell last all day you would have to apply a great amount of it, but then it would not last long. Defiantly a wonderful buy if you're looking for a light scent.

Fatynn S.

when i first purchased it, it smelled really nice. Floral, but in a light scent and of course it could not withstand more than an hour, or less? After a month keeping it, after a while, the smell just changed! into not-really-so-fragrance-anymore. ended up in a trash.