Beauty Product Reviews

Great deal!

Really good drugstore concealer - my favorite alternative to Diorskin Sculpt concealer, which retails at over $30/bottle, when I don't have the budget for Dior. (Besides that, the Revlon has SPF, which the Dior doesn't). Although it is moisturizing, it is thick enough to be used all over the face, not just under the eyes, which is also nice.

Doesn't dry out the under-eye area

Love this concealer for the under-eye area (I think it's too sheer to use on the rest of the face, for the most part). It's moisturizing, and is one of the very few concealers I've tried that doesn't get cakey and emphasize fine lines under the eyes. It's a small bottle for the price, but will last a long time as you only need to use VERY little - I put 3-4 tiny dots in my eye area, and that is plenty. I use the Beige #002 shade for my light-to-medium skin; it's a good match and you can blend it out pretty well to fit your skin tone, but they could definitely use a few additional shades! I've found a pretty good drugstore dupe for this as well - Revlon's 'Age Rewind' concealer, which even has SPF 20 (unlike the Dior).

Best conditioner ever for my dry, frizzy hair!

I've used every leave-in conditioner out there, and lots of treatments, in a vain effort to keep my thick, dry, frizzy polynesian hair healthy. None of them worked and most of them ended up drying my hair out even more. Finally, I found this product, and I have used it for about three years now -- not only is my hair healthy and shiny without frizz, I've been able to grow it much longer because the ends stay so moisturized and don't need to be trimmed as much. I use this as a leave-in conditioner. After getting out of the shower, I scoop out a pea-sized lump and rub it between my hands to liquify it, then apply to my hair from about the temples down (not the root area, which does not tend to be dry). Sometimes I'll use it when my hair is dry, if it seems to need it. This is my holy grail hair product. The small container lasts a long time, as you don't need much of this product even for long hair; it's a bargain.

Good finish, good for summer/dried my skin in winter

I really liked this during the summer - had to purchase shade 003 (Shell) and 004 (Nude) to mix since my skin hue is between the two of them, but I liked the luminous finish, the coverage was good, and the foundation wore well during the day. When the weather got cold, however, this foundation was much too dry for my skin--even with a primer, it ended up dry and cakey, and my skin started getting itchy and sensitive when I put it on. I have older (40ish) skin though, so younger people might not have this issue. If you like a luminous finish and you don't have problems with dry skin, this foundation is definitely worth trying out!

So soft!

The texture of these is wonderful - I have tried so many pencils that pull at my eyes and leave little to no pigmentation, and I'd almost given up on them, using liquid or ink liners instead. These pencils are super soft and very pigmented. My favorite is 'Ransom' - makes brown eyes pop like crazy! :-)

My favorites of all NYX eyeshadow palettes

These are my favorites of all the NYX eyeshadow palettes - I have almost all of them, and they're pretty much uniformly soft, pigmented, and easy to blend. And because of the color selections - from neutral browns and grays to brights, you could take one or two of these palettes on a trip and not need anything else! (Also, because of the prices, you wouldn't have to worry about breaking/losing them the way you might if you brought your MAC or other more expensive eyeshadows with you.)

I have a few of these; verdict below: Versus: My favorite - purples and browns, all are soft and pigmented. I use all the colors. Champagne & Caviar: Great neutral palette, soft and pigmented. I use all the colors. Jazz Night: I like most of the colors, but the blues are kind of chalky; I tend to avoid using them. Velvet Rope: One of the new 2010 palettes. Excited to get this one since I LOVE purples! The colors are gorgeous; my only complaint would be that two of the mid-range purples are very similar and almost look like the same color. I'd have preferred another lighter/highlighter shade instead, which would have balanced the palette out a little more. Haute Model: Another of the new 2010 palettes. This one looked so fabulous, but I found that - at least on me - most of the colors ended up kind of muddy looking. The bright pink and bright blue are gorgeous, but all the others ended up looking like greyish-greenish-bruise-colored smudges on me. I had a similar result with the NYX "Lake Moss" eyeshadow trio, so if you have it, you'll be able to judge this one by your experience with that one.

Love 'em!

Picked up a bunch of these; verdict below: Mocha: VERY pigmented dusty pink; easily a color I can wear every day. Desert Rose: VERY pigmented reddish-pink. Beautiful and would work with most skin tones (unless you're super pale). Pinky: VERY pigmented, gorgeous bright pink! However, I've noticed that it tends to go a little peachy-pink on me once it's blended into my skin. I have MAC's "Dollymix" which is also a bright pink, but that one stays pink on my skin. Still--I love Pinky and it is beautiful on! Terra Cotta: Shimmery golden-bronze - if you have the NYX cream blush in "Golden," this is very similar. Love this for a subtle healthy-looking glow. It's not disco-ball shimmery; just very subtle. Pinched: Light peachy-pink color with shimmer ('Orgasm' dupe). This doesn't show up on me very much, but I'd use it over a lighter blush for extra color & shimmer. Nice subtle shimmer, not glittery.

Great results for 35+ ladies like me!

This product, along with Skinceuticals Retinol .5 and 1.0, has made a HUGE difference for me in reducing wrinkles/improving skin tone/keeping skin radiant and clear. Ladies under 35 probably wouldn't benefit from them as much, but for those of us who are 35+ and have signs of dullness/aging, they really are GOLD!