Restorative Hair Treatment


Yeny A.
It does the job

This product is probably one of the best hair product I have bought in my life. My hair definitely improved after I used this. My hair was very damamged so the first days I used it I actually left it overnight. I chnaged my routine afterwards to just the time recommended in the package and it still gave me an amazing result. Although it was great, I couldn't purchased again because I got pregnant and the smell was making sick. I will definitely give it another try soon.

Nicki N.

I've tried this a few times now and it's definitely great! I use it on dry hair and let it sit for about twenty minutes. That gives me enough time to do all of my regular showering activities minus the hair bits. I don't mind the smell that people were complaining about, but I use it as a pre-shampoo treatment. My hair is definitely super soft after use and it's helped with the hair falling out.

Tina M.
Old Formula

I used Ojan for a few years now. I really love how my hair reacted to the restorative treatment. I felt that it literally rebuilt my hair. I didn't mind the smell, as I used it as a pre shampoo treatment. Though a bit pricey, this product lasted a year. I went to repurchase and I noticed Ojan reformulated their products. I was reluctant to re-purchase because I really love the old formula. I also used the leave in condioner spray, which t reformulated also.

Christal S.

I am I the process of transitioning to my natural hair and I needed a product to help restore the life back into my hair after years of relaxing it. I use this product once of month and i can tell an immediate difference in the softness of my hair. I less shedding. I usually apply the product as directed and leave it on for a couple of hours under a plastic cap. The smell is strong but not unbearable. If I can handle relaxers burning my scalp with harsh hemicals, this is nothing!

Victoria D.

Loveee this treatment! My mom bought it for me when I had been dying, and bleaching my hair A LOT when I was younger, and it worked miracles! My friends would all come over and we'd Ojon our hair xD The smell is, strong, it just kind of reminds me of nature. I suppose that a good thing! My hair is so long, and my ends are quite bad right now, but when I can't get to a haircut, doing an Ojon treatment makes it all feel amazing. I love how it's a solid, and you use your body heat to make it an oil. I don't know why, but I've always though that was so damn cool. My hair feels so amazing after I've done a treatment. Super soft, shiny, and silky smooth! I definitely need to re-purchase this!

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Kaleigh W.

The product itself works great and does what it says. I had bleached my hair a few months back and ruined a lot of it from doing so, and this has helped restore it quite a bit. The downside for me is the smell.. it's very overpowering and not a scent I enjoy at all.

Ashley K.
I like it but

This is a really great hair treatment it really does work wonders on restoring dry over processed hair back to life. The one down fall this has is that it smells horrible. I don't know if its just me but the smell is like burned old moldy logs or something. So if you can stand the smell you'll have brilliantly shiny and soft hair. :)

Aja T.
The best thing that ever happened to my hair!

I have used this product for a few years now and I love the fact that is can be used as a conditioner , pomade or an oil. I like to use it as a leave-in conditioner , it protects my hair when I blowdry it and gives my hair a healthy feel and shine.

Nadia B.
Great Conditioner, Horrible Smell

I use the product as a deep conditioner over night before washing my hair in the morning. It leaves my hair feeling soft and extremely manageable. I just wish the smell was not so intense. If you apply it during the day to tame frizz and flyaways people might think you had just smoked a pipe full of tobacco.

Yasemin O.

This is a great treatment. I'm in love with the smell, the texture and the fact that I bought this batch five years ago and haven't come close to finishing it yet! It's not something I use regularly because it does take time and effort to wash it out but it's worth it. For fine-haired gals like me, maybe applying it to the scalp isn't such a good idea, because you can end up with limp hair until your next shampoo- damaged ends thrive on this, though!