Beauty Product Reviews

Perfect multifunctional brush

This is amazing for creams, liquids or powders. Recently, I've been using this for creating a contour on my non exsistant cheekbones with a bronzer but its also amazing for its primary function as a foundation brush!

I treated myself in my first Sephora experience in spain, as they don't have Sephora in the UK, to this eyeliner. I was drawn to it as its the same color as my favourite opi glitter, teenage dream from the katy perry collection, and I love it so much! It doesn't flake away, and if you apply a large amount on the inner corners, I would usually smudge it out for a softer, girlier, more romantic way to brighten up the inner corners of your eyes. Plus, who Doesn't like glitter? :)

I have to admit that this isn't my product, its my sisters because I had bought it as a gift for her birthday, but holy cow! The colors are completely gorgeous, its a nude-ish color with a hint of darkness, perfect for her as she hates anything too dark, and it gives the right amount of sparkle. We would always team it with their Shadow Insurance glitter glue for the optimum staying power. Did I say we? I totally meant her… when she's not looking, I obviously steal it haha

Man Alive!

This lipstick requires like 1 swipe for amazing color! Its nice and creamy without a ultra-drying result. However, because its red, I would always recommend a ultra hydrated, silky smooth base. I have no cons about this… seriously… can't find any. Best. Lipstick. Ever.

Good brushes at an even better price

I love this brush range and i especially love this concealer brush - firm bristles allow your concealer to cover and blend perfectly, yet the soft nature will not damage the delicate skin under your eyes! The handles are beautifully sculpted and they fit perfectly in the hand - if only you could write essays with one of these instead of a pen!


Fact: Inglot shadows are a must have!

I got a 4 palette with 4 rainbow shades and a 4 palette with 4 freedom colors and these are by far the nicest shadows to use. They blend well, look absolutely beautiful on the skin and do not even try to question their pigmentation! When you use a good primer, these babies will make you feel like royality - neutrals, smokey or just crazy ass bright, there is always a shade for your makeup personality! May I also point out, their sparkles and pearls… oh my gosh! The sparkles are pigmented, yet they actually retain the glitter particles. And, their silver does take a million layers to become opaque and stunning.

Smells Purr-fect

Being a Katy Perry whore, I was naturally going to give this perfume a try out, after owning all 4 OPI nail polishes, concert ticket and an obsession with her music - I will admit it, I am a fan girl. However, after smelling other celebrities perfumes, and only being impressed with the Avril Lavigne scents, I was pleasantly surprised that it smells like a completely unique scent. Packing in a powerful punch, it still smells feminine and girly. I find myself using this only on a special occasion, as I am doing a Project Pan on perfumes, so I can really appreciate the scent. Plus - unlike a certain Ralph Lauren perfume (Romance), it leaves me smelling like a girl, not like I accidentally picked up my dads aftershave.

Grape Fizz

I have just finished my manicure - it took 3 coats to get it to a shade that it wasn't translucent but to give it its dues, I've applied 3 coats of glitter (china glaze fairydust and snowglobe), a seche vite topcoat and my nails still smell like a jolly rancher!


I bought this after swatching it in the chemist and falling in love with its ability to make my life brighter with glitter! When I got it home I saw that it was good for loose pigments and so I gave it a trial run with a Barry M dazzle dust and a cheap Primark eyeshadow dust. These held like a dream and so I tested it with glitter.

All I have to say is after two trial runs on the product, I know that I spent that £16.50 well.

Love love love love love

In the UK, unless we go internet, Stila is quite hard to find. So when I walked into Boots, imagine the fangirl dance I did when I saw a brand new Stila stand, so new that it didn't even have testers yet. I bought a beach palette and this eyeliner in Stingray (black)

Oh my flipping flip flip, what did I ever do without it? It sticks to your waterline and does not move. Theres no liner fallout beyond the lashline when applied on the waterline and it blends like a dream!!! Its amazing - go get it now lol! I know I'll be getting more colors when my funds replenish themselves!

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