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i love your work :) 

hey! I just wanted to pop by and let you know, that I feel it's wonderful what you are doing for charity. the look good feel better video was so well done, I also loved your Bob Ross and commented. I was really hoping you could check out my channel and give me your opinion.

Nov 2, 2011

Stephanie F.

Thank you, it's such a great organization that I had to try and do something for them. I am going to check out your channel now!

You being a plus size female, and I being plus size as well...I have a question!
I am 6'1, and do have a tummy. It's hard for me to find inexpensive jeans with a long enough I have to settle for walmart jeans that are too short, and too high on the waist. So, I end up rolling up the pant legs to look like capris and then the waist band that is normally supposed to be around your lower waist end up being almost to the smallest part of my waist. If i wear them any lower, well it gets all baggy around the (excuse my language) crotch region! LOL

SO...I'm going to order some jeans from (37" inseam) and I really want to wear belts (fashionable betls) with jeans; but I don't normally wear jeans low enough to do this because I am so self conscious about my tummy.
I wanted to know, do you wear belts with jeans? & Do you think I'd be ok to do so...?

I am currently on a mission to lose at least 40 lbs; so hopefully when I reach that mini goal I can do it without feeling horrible.

Anywho, let me know how you feel on this subject.


Sep 22, 2011

Stephanie F.

Hey, Twizzie!

We have the opposite problem, I am short-legged. I have to only buy short inseams, so I shop at Old Navy and other places that offer short. In think they also offer tall in both regular and plus sizes, and the regs go up to size 20. The other route is to shop in discount stores, where all the mess-ups go, I find a lot of Seven jeans end up in my local Marshalls and Bealls Outlet. So my advice is to buy only Tall jeans.

On the tummy part, I know! I am so used to covering myself up, too! But, I am trying belts lately, with good results. From what I saw in your photo, you are so much more lovely than you know! I would love that shape! Once you get those tall jeans, I know you will be rocking a belt! It's just the crotch haha! Issue for now. Watch, you will pull it off! I know you will.

Good luck with your goal! I support you all the way!

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Thanks for the follow Stephanie!! Have a fabulous day!  ♥♥

Hey girl! Thanks for the follow, I've seen you around the site and I look forward to seeing you more! Nice meeting you :)

Sep 18, 2011

Stephanie F.

Nice to meet you, too! Love your videos!

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