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Removes EVERYTHING even waterproof!

I luuuuuuv this! It's what I use every night 2 remove my makeup. I wear waterproof mascara & it comes off no problem. I have super sensitive eyes & there is no burn whatsoever. When I first bought this I used it completely wrong & it sat in my drawer forever. I decided 2 give it a go again (& followed the instructions lol) & will not be without this again. Remember, you must apply it first to a DRY face, massage it in, THEN wet your fingertips, massage again, then rinse. The first time I wet my face first out of habit & the oil repels the water & ends up removing nothing & u end up with a muddy raccoon face lol.

Greasy, break me out in hives.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I really don't like these at all. Besides the fact that I have an allergic reaction to them (breaks my skin out in hives), I don't like the greasy film they leave behind. Not really a fan of the scent either.

Effective, smells great.

I really like these cosmetic remover wipes. Other brands break me out, but Inglot's have not. They don't leave a greasy residue behind & my face isn't left with a tight feeling either. My only gripe is that they don't remove waterproof eyemakeup well. They work well on little cosmetic mistakes & come in handy on those "lazy" nights lol.


I also bought this after watching TiffanyD's video & I'm so happy I did! My skin looks radiant & even toned (I have redness & slight hyperpigmentation). It is a little bit darker than my skintone, but nothing really noticeable. I have combo/dry sensitive skin & wear a tiny bit of a light moisturizer underneath. In a rush I use this, a little blush & mascara & my skin looks gorgeous! It's expensive imo, but totally worth it.


I have this palette w/4 colors: 37 (light pink), 59AMC (medium rose pink), 28 (rosey pinky brown) & 53 AMC (peach). All of them highly pigmented & last throughout the day. They are a bit powdery so go easy when applying. Awesome product!

This is my HG cleanser.

I'm no longer on the hunt 4 a face cleanser. I absolutely love this! It cleans my face completely without overdrying my skin or leaving behind any kind of residue. At night I use this with my Clarisonic for a deeper cleaning. I love the faint scent it has as well. I have the HUGE 32oz bottle that will last me over a year so when you break down the price it's not expensive @ all (if it lasts 1 year it's breaks down to less than $4.00 a month).


I'm so in love with these gel liners! They last forever! I have super sensitive, watery eyes and anything I put on my waterline disappears within minutes BUT these last until I take them off. The color selection is insane! I have them in 9 colors so far & every single one I love. They apply so smooth & again, last all day. The best eyeliner i've ever used.

Gorgeous in the tube but not noticeable enough.

I have 2 of these. #546 (white) & #544 (a bright pinkish coral). They both have a GORGEOUS multicolor holographic effect that is the tube. But when I apply it it's barely noticeable on my lips. But with that said it does give my lips a plumper effect. It feels nice, not at all sticky & has a pleasant fruity smell. I just wish that how it looked in the tube was how it looked on my lips. But not a bad gloss.

Long lasting, a little goes a long way.

I have this in #80 which is pink. Just a DOT is ALL U NEED or you'll look like a clown, lol! It's very pigmented & lasts all day. Applies nice & smooth, not greasy or patchy at all. I'm looking forward to trying more colors.


Inglot has the best eyeshadows out there hands down IMO. I work a block over from the Times Square location & passed it up so many times. When I went to The Makeup Show in May '10 I finally gave in a took a look & I've been hooked ever since & been squealing about them to anyone that would listen, lol. They have a huge variety of colors. I can't tell you how INSANELY pigmented these are! They blend super smooth & I don't have a problem with fading or creasing. So far I have 8 of these palettes & can't get enough. They are not expensive, they could double their price & it would still be worth it to me.

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