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Inglot Cosmetics

Makeup Remover Wipes


Ashley r.
Haven't used them yet.
Ashley r.'s Review Image

25 come in the pack and its a nice sized package. I haven't used this yet, so I dont know if this review even counts for anything. I just really wanted to post a picture of this with my cat lol

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Sherry B.

So soft and very easy on the skin! SWATCH AWAY!! you can use again and again and not worry about raw skin or burning sensation(i experienced that with MAC wipes)

INGLOT rocks! great affordable products!

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Stacey P.

I use this product on all of my clients!! I also use it myself. I have extremely sensitive skin and can be very sensitive to the makeup remover wipes... but NOT these!! They are GREAT! They have a very clean smell and leaves the skin clean and nourished and ready for application. I have been a makeup artist for almost 20 years and have tried many products... I only give my stamp of approval on products that work for me and my clients!

Shannyn C.
Effective, smells great.

I really like these cosmetic remover wipes. Other brands break me out, but Inglot's have not. They don't leave a greasy residue behind & my face isn't left with a tight feeling either. My only gripe is that they don't remove waterproof eyemakeup well. They work well on little cosmetic mistakes & come in handy on those "lazy" nights lol.