Beauty Product Reviews

Very nice product !

The pros : - Pink based - Not shimmery - Light coverage - Really works as a brightener

The cons : - Only one color available

Love that product ! Very nice price too. Works amazingly as an under eye corrector (pink based) unless you need a peachy corrector. It's not shimmery so you can use it where you want. Makes me look fresh and my eyes brightened. Only one shade available. Not full coverage at all, you want to use a concealer under it for more coverage. I wish they would come up with different shades for darker skin tones and warm skins.

Not for sensitive eyes

I bough this eyeliner because I wanted to try something else than my Urban Decay liquid liner. Well, I shouldn't have. Not only it's an expensive product but it's just so not worth your money. Yes it is very black but it is not long-lasting at all ! The brush makes the application ok but the tip of the wand is quite sharp and if it happens to touch your eye it can be a little bit painful. The worst part of it is that its formula is very rough in your skin. It burnt my eyes and I don't even have sensitive eyes. So no, I usually love YSL products but that one is a big miss for me.

The best !

Not a lot to say ! For the price and the amount of product that you get you can't go wrong. Removes everything (but not waterproof make-up), it feels refreshing on the skin and it doesn't smell at all. There is a good reason that product is raved about in the make-up industry, it's because it's perfect !

A miss

I bought it because a girl at the counter recommended it to me. It was a miss for me an then for my mother. It has a lot of flowers/plants extracts so if you are prone to allergies stay away from this product. It broke me out the day after using it. The smell is horrible. It smells like it looks in the bottle = very citrus like. I gave it to my mother and it made her broke out too. She is 61 so she has a different skin type from mine as you can guess (I'm 24), still didn't work for her. I don't recommend this product, even though it feels like it does tighten your skin.

Simply amazing...

My n°1 for foundation... it's love at first spray ! I love it, my clients love it, the photographers love it,... what more can I say ?! It's portable, small, light weight, the design is beautiful and it works perfectly. You can do very precise or large work with it. (PSI range is great, can do face and body work with it) Yes, it's not cheap but it's definitely worth the money.

Perfect product for your kit

This is the perfect cream foundation palette if your a MUA. You get a very nice range of colors for light to medium-dark skin colors. The only thing missing in the neutral palette is dark to very dark shades but you can buy them in the 5 shades palette. The price is very good for the quality and amount of products you get. You need a little amount to get a very nice coverage. It's a very smooth creamy texture that blends very easily and the coverage can be light to full. You can also use those creams as concealers. Overall a must have palette.

Very good product

I love it. I have normal/sensitive skin and this day cream does wonders. It's really great for helping against pollution and dehydration. It moisturizes your skin without making your face oily, it smells delicious and blends into your skin easily. Yes it is quite pricy but so worth it.

Amazing product

I just simply love it ! It's a very gentle exfoliating cleanser. It really cleans your skin gently and removes dead skins. I love the smell of it and you get a really nice amount of product for the price. If you are sensitive to pollution this will really help your skin dealing with it. I just wish I could get my hands on it more easily since I live in France.

Great base for smoky eyes

It's a very good product but you have to work fast with it. It's a very opaque color, is completely waterproof and works amazingly as a base for a smoky eye. It doesn't move once it sets, but it dries very fast so you have to work quickly. You need a very little amount of product to get the work done. Best applied with a synthetic brush.

Not worth your money

I bought 10 shades for my kit about 2 years ago and needless to say, I didn't buy them again. I think the hype around that foundation isn't justified at all. The undertones are just horrible especially on camera/movies. The darkest shades are way better than the light/medium shades. Shade 120 is very grey/green looking. The color rage is very good like any MUFE foundations. If you have very dry skin it's a no-go, same thing for very oily skin. To me that foundation only works on people with normal skin the best. This is not a full coverage foundation, it is a medium coverage one. The lasting power is good and the packaging is practical for MUAS. But overall not worth your money. I prefer the liquid lift foundation and face & body foundation from MUFE which are amazing.

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