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Not for normal/dry skins

I got that foundation after the recommendation of the lady at the counter and it's a no-go for me. I have normal/sensitive skin and it's definitely not a good product for normal/dry skins. It's a very matte finish which looks very unnatural on my skin. I believe it would be a very good product for people with oily skin who want a full coverage foundation. I don't see how that foundation can have a "radiant glow". The only thing I loved about it is the smell and I have to say that the range of colors is very nice.

Great powder

These blushes are very pigmented, long lasting and you get a good amount of product for the price. A very nice blush range for all skin colors. I like how you can built your own palette with different shades.

After a year only...

The brush is nice at first, applies the product nicely, ... But after a year that brush looks nothing like it should look like. The hair (or what is left of it) is harsh on the skin. I hope the quality improved since I got it because it's not a brush that you're gonna keep around for a long time.

Not my fav

I love Chanel's foundations but that one... a miss for me. If you have dry skin that foundation is not for you. I advice that foundation more for people who have an oily/combination skin. But the problem with oily skin is that that foundation oxidizes badly. I advice you to pick up a shade lighter that you would normally use. You need a really good moisturized skin to be able to work with that foundation because it sets very fast. It doesn't last all day at all and it clogged my pores badly. If you have mature skin that foundation is not for you either, it will show up your wrinkles and fine lines a lot. I wish I could love that foundation but it's just not the case. The only nice thing to me is the way it photographs and look on camera but that is all.

Not good !

I was given many brushes from Sigma about 2 years ago, I really hope they improved their brushes since then. The stippling brush is the worse. (and I had 2 of them). It looses hair, it's not full enough and the worst is the dye coming out of it when cleaning it. The foundation brush is very harsh on the skin, same for the concealer brush. The powder brush looses hair all the time, the dye also comes out of it. The blush brush is ok, it's quite soft but it's density is not very full. I like to use it to apply bronzer. That kit is not worth your money. The only brush I use is the blush brush which you can buy alone.

One of the best !

It's a very nice brush, one of my favorites ! I use it to apply a light setting powder on the face and it works great. The hair is very soft, full and flexible. I bought that brush over a year ago and it didn't change. Didn't loose any hair. The wand is beautiful and I like the end of the brush. It is an expensive brush but worth buying it !

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