PhotoReady Eye Primer & Brightener Stick


Kaitlin P.

This is one of my favourite Revlon products- it's a two in one product that really works as both an eye primer and a brightener. Super easy to use, lasts for ages and it's not shimmery. I particularly love it as an eye primer because the lightness of the colour acts as a base for my shadow and really makes it stand out. I do have to use it with concealer under the eyes though as it doesn't provide quite as much coverage as I need. But this is a really fantastic product, and not overly expensive either!

Nina S.
holds my shadow all day!!!

I am in LOVE! This holds my shadow in place alllllll day long. I dont use concealer with it, unless it's under my eye for more brightness. It's not shimmery, not too light and I apply with a concealer brush! Definitely worth it!!!!!! Way better than high priced brands. Revlon products have been my fave for dupes of the pricey goodies!

Claire R.
Very nice product !

The pros : - Pink based - Not shimmery - Light coverage - Really works as a brightener

The cons : - Only one color available

Love that product ! Very nice price too. Works amazingly as an under eye corrector (pink based) unless you need a peachy corrector. It's not shimmery so you can use it where you want. Makes me look fresh and my eyes brightened. Only one shade available. Not full coverage at all, you want to use a concealer under it for more coverage. I wish they would come up with different shades for darker skin tones and warm skins.

Anita R.
Brightens dramatically

I love this eye primer just for the fact that it brightens your eyes dramatically. I've been using it for about 2 months now and it's the best one that I've used so far. I might just stay with this primer.