Beauty Product Reviews

Awesome brush! Works awesome and the price is Amazing :) This is my number one brush I use for eye shadow, for now until I can afford the better ones. Great first time brush.

It was So-So...

It was only a $1 so I guess you get what you pay for, but it definitely sheds way too much and doesn't hold the powder to apply. But I do still use it for a light coverage brush.

Love This Mascara!!! <3

I have struggled trying to find a mascara that does not clump, or flake and this one is Amazing! My eyelashes look awesome, and it lasts all day! :) Highly Recommend!!

Like how it makes my eyelashes look, long and thick. But it is very flakey and it ends up all over my face by the end of he day. And I seem to have to apply more than once a day to keep the look of the lashes.

Love how it looks! I have very oily skin and this makes it look flawless. love how cheap it is and that i dont have to spend a ton to look great :)