Beauty Product Reviews

It's good.

I don't have curly hair at all. It's straight in all ways possible. So I gave it to my mother in law who has extremely long and curly hair. It works so great. For her, at least. Smells wonderful, keeps hair in place, and looks natural.

Mostly amazing.

Some of the duos don't have good color payoff, but most of them do. I've been using these since they first came out and I do have a spot in my heart for them. I think they're really nice for beginners and pros. Love them, and recommend them.


Not just the price, but the color payoff. If you use the right brush, you can achieve the most beautiful effect. I have pink passion and it's a beautiful color! I plan on purchasing all of their other blushes, as well...soon. Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants some colorful cheekies!

First mascara

that I have ever liked. Honest to Jezzebelle. It just like AMPLIFIES your eyelashes! It's wonderful. My most favorite mascara ever. Adds lenght, volume, amazing's just awesome. Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants some bangin' lashes !

Love it love it love it.

I as well used to have an angled bob and choppy layers, and my stylist gave this to me to us. I adore this product! it smells amazing and works amazingly.

Love it!

It's inexpensive, and very useful. I bought my first one about a month ago. It did dry out semi-fast, but I think that the cap was broken on it. Because eventually the cap just wouldn't come off, and while trying to take the cap off it just broke in half.

It's still a wonderful product. I recommend this to anyone.

I've had problems...

with this foundation in the past. It was really cakey looking and not fun at all. Until I was able to buy the combination/oily foundation. Then, it worked wonders. The only negative thing I have to say is - it doesn't have a pump. It gets everywhere if you're not careful!

2 Thumbs up!

The first brush I bought from the Studio line.

+ I absolutely love it! Affordable, soft, and versatile! I use it for my E.L.F. blushes, my foundation (even my powder foundations) and for bronzing. It's just a great brush to invest in.


The first primer I had EVER bought....still, the only primer I've ever bought! haha. It's really expensive for my budget but I believe it is completely worth it. I did de-pot the second one I bought because I wanted all the product I could possibly get. It makes the colors stay. Completely, no doubt about it. 8 fingers and 2 thumbs up!

Very useful product.

I've had this palette for....almost two years I believe. I absolutely love it! Although the purple tones aren't the best - that's fixable with a base. I really have no complaints except for the packaging. I don't know if it was just the one I ordered or if it happens to alot of people but the top (lid) to my 88 Palette broke off out of nowhere after a week of using it.

Great bargain, as well.