Bedhead by TIGI



Amanda C.

Manipulator is usually best for men and women with short hair. It smells good, does not flake, and is not hard in the hair and is flexible. Get a little bit of the product in both hands and pat hands together as if you were clapping until the product almost looks kind of "webby" if that makes sense and then put it in the hair.

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Lauren H.

I used to have choppy hair and this really added texture to it and helped control it and manipulate it to show off the choppy cut. The smell too is wonderful, and the texture of it is so workable, it's great :)

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Angela V.
A little dab will do

Love this stuff but dont use to much... It will make your hair look sticky and greasy... It has a really great smell to it and will help you achieve the look you are going for

Jenny L.

I used this daily when I had a pixie cut and an angled bob. The smell is great but don't use too much or it looks really greasy. It's easy to refresh your style when wearing this by fluffing the areas that are looking flat.

Caity B.
Love it love it love it.

I as well used to have an angled bob and choppy layers, and my stylist gave this to me to us. I adore this product! it smells amazing and works amazingly.

Anna D.

I really love this to keep my hair in place. It does add a bit of volume as well, which is super nice! I like how it doesn't harden your hair or make it super sticky. After a few minutes, it doesn't even feel like there's gel in your hair. I love this for volume in the back, and keeping my fringes in place. :)

Tammy F.
Great Stuff

This product is awesome. It can be used to literally manipulate the hair however you want it to go. Great for guys that want that sculpted look. Also good for longer hair to wisp out the ends.

Donna P.

This product is really great for adding texture to your hair, as well as helping to keep your side swept fringe/bangs in place. dont apply too much or else your hair will become greasy and goopy. It also has a nice scent about it