Vanillary Perfume


Luna V.

This was my go-to fragrance for autumn--it's deep, sophisticated, and just a little bit delicious! I've always loved gourmand perfumes, but honestly it's a little hard to walk around smelling like a cookie or chocolate bar all day. When I worked as a pastry chef it was fine--people assume you smell like whatever you were baking that day--but as anything else, it's a little hard to pull off. Vanillary does not have that problem.

I fell in love with Vanillary when LUSH put out their Vanilla Fountains bath bomb. A pretty little flan-shaped bath bomb with a real vanilla pod in the center, it was my favourite bath-time indulgence. When they released the massage bar and the body powder, I was in vanilla heaven! But the perfume, I'd say, is more complex than any of them: this does not smell like vanilla pudding. It has a base of real, true vanilla--if you've ever split and scraped a vanilla bean, you know the smell, it's heaven! But LUSH adds woody notes like tonka and a bit of caramelized sugar and tropical flowers to round it all out and make sure you don't smell like a cookie.

If you're afraid of florals, this is a great perfume for you. If you're afraid of gourmand scents, this is a great perfume for you. It's very warm, making it a great F/W scent.

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Breeze T. Moderator
Love it in solid form

I bought this a while ago and I adore using it when I'm traveling, especially by plane since I use it in solid form! It smells earthy, sweet, delightful and I think it would combine beautifully with a black tea fragrance to make it more complex and fresh. I highly recommend it for the winter. It lasta a very long time

Heath A.

This perfume will leave you smelling like a super yummy cupcake! I carry the solid around with me and rub it into my temples and I always get compliments on how great I smell. I recommend LUSH scents for those of you who like wearing a scent but have sensitive skin that gets irritated when you use normal perfumes.

Rian D.
My everyday perfume

This is the perfect perfume for me, it's very warm and not at all flowery. It really reflects my personality, and it gives me a bit more confidence when I wear it. It just makes me happy whenever I smell it. Since it's a perfume, it lasts a while, but I don't like using too much so the scent fades after a day, and I have to reapply in the evening. Awesome if you love vanilla as much as I do.

Kelly M.
Strong, grown-up Vanilla

I really loved the vanilla range from Lush (Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb, Vanilla Delite Lotion), so of course, I was very excited when they released a perfume of the scent. However, this one is a little bit different, due to the addition of jasmine. I find that It's not quite as caramel-y as the other before it, and sometimes the jasmine is a bit jarring. Some other people compliment the fragrance, but some say it smells strongly like beer! I'm not sure if I would repurchase this.