Beauty Product Reviews

Great for nourishing skin.

This does exactly what it says it does. I have very dry skin and this has helped it tremendously. It smells great and lathers well. I use this at night time only to give my body that moisture and get it pre paired for the morning. Good body wash I need to stock up soon because I'm almost out.


After reading the reviews I found this product at my local dollar store for $4. What a great deal because this product works wonder. For me I saw and improvement within a couple days. Only downfall is the smell and tingling sensation. I really hate how it smells but if having a smoothing face means sitting in a little stink for 15mins then its ok with me. My skin looked so much smoother and clearer after using it. I say get this heck get two while you're at it. I only use at least twice a week or maybe once every 2weeks.

What are you waiting, Go get it now!!

Only mascara I use!! I love this makes my lashes appear longer than what they really are (guess thats why it's called falsies lol) Highly recommended for MUA'S and beginners..

Good for beginners but for more experienced people not a good a idea..Makeup wears off by might work for some but not me but i think it's because of my oily skin


I love my baby lips can't leave home without an if i i'll be mad..I need to get some backups..the peach smells really awesome but the only thing i don't like the color..Overall good product..I have to try all of them..

LOVE LOVE LOVE I Use this almost everyday so many colors to chose Recommend for new beginners and creative minds. Its affordable which it a plus...a must have for MUAs.