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Nothing incredible, but it definitely does the job. It is long lasting and they have a wonderful selection of colors. It's a bit drying, but that doesn't bother me too much. The color matches great with quite a few of my lip sticks. I would buy another one.

Does the job

Nothing special, just your average drug store eye shadow. The pigmentation is pretty decent. I own a black one (can't remember the exact name) and I use it for eye shadow (obviously) and wet to line my eyes. Pretty decent quality.

A must-have!

This product was brought to my attention by the You Tube guru, Makeup By Mel. I bought Cafe Au Lait and I am in love with it! I couldn't believe how pigmented this was! The quality is incredible...just as good as my MAC pigments and much cheaper! I plan on buying plenty more. Some of these are great as highlights as well. I would pick some up immediately if I didn't have any!

I owned a few of these, and really enjoyed the colors I selected. The lipsticks themselves are very moisturizing and decently pigmented. I haven't bought one in a while...I think I'll pick some up :)

Favorite lip liner!

Out of all my lip liners, whether they're from MAC, Maybelline, etc. this one is my favorite! The color pigmentation is lovely. This particular color makes my lips look nice and plump and still natural. I use this almost every day.

Lovely drug store quality!

I love these quads! This was one of the first Rimmel products I ever purchased and I am so glad I did! I saw this product on a You Tube guru's page and figured why not give it a go? The pigmentation is incredible! There aren't many drug store eye shadows that give better pigmentation. The texture is dry, but I don't find any problem with the lasting power.

Love it!

I bought this two summers ago because I got a good tan and my other foundations weren't cutting it. I was surprised at how much I liked it! It isn't thick and goes on smoothly. The color selection is decent and it gives awesome coverage without feeling like you have a ton of makeup on. I plan on buying a shade to match me for the winter :)

Not a bad deal

I can't remember how much I paid for this, under $6 for sure, but for the price, it's pretty decent. I usually don't go for Wet & Wild products, because most I tried weren't very good quality, but this was actually pretty good. The color is very opaque and goes on easily. The brush isn't the best, it's quite thick and blocky, but you can buy a decent gel liner brush cheap. Personally, mine dried up fast, but like I said, for the money it's not bad at all.

Not bad, but not awesome...

I definitely loved the fact it was creamy and went on smoothly. Besides that, I didn't notice my makeup lasting a super long time or anything. My makeup still creased, even though I used MAC eye shadows. After a while, it started drying up a little. I think there are much better, cheaper eye primers out there.

Great pigmentation

I wasn't particularly thrilled with the colors I picked, just because of the way the colors looked on my skin tone. But, this is an awesome product, worth the money, which isn't a whole lot at all. The pigmentation is incredible. Better than any other drug store eye shadow I ever tried. I definitely want to buy more of these. Hopefully I like the colors better next time!

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