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One of my favorite drug store products ever!

I have this in Tahiti and I absolutely love it. I seriously couldn't be any happier with this product. I use it every single day, literally. I use individual colors and the whole thing to dust on my cheekbones. It gives you the most natural glow from within look. Perfect for summer, but I use it all year long. Love it love it love it!

What's the point?

I was super disappointed when I purchased this. I have found that I am not too happy with the whole PF collection. I paid about $12 for this a few years ago. I tried using it as a contour as well as a blush, to give my skin a bit of a glow. It did absolutely nothing for me. I am fair-medium toned, so any bronzer should show up on me, but this didn't even appear on my skin. The quality seems horrible. It made pretty much no difference. I would not recommend.

Disco ball?

I love testing new bronzers and products that will give my face a nice, natural glow. This was definitely not one of my favorites. It's not even a product I reach for often and haven't in ages. It made me look way too shiny/shimmery and it made my skin look a little orange. Not too impressed. Plus the packaging made application very messy.

Not sure

I think I liked the actual cream blush, but I just didn't like the color I picked. It was a coral-pinkish color, but it just made the redness in certain areas of my face more obvious. As far as the quality of the blush and stuff, I'd say it's pretty good. Good price and decent quality.

Perfect summer wear!

I found this on a makeup clearance site for about $4 and I was so excited! It doesn't give a ton of coverage, but just enough to even your skin tone and make your skin look radiant and healthy. I love the little hint of shimmer. It makes me feel like it's summer again. I love how easily it is to blend. I use a duo fiber brush to apply this. Sometimes, to down play the glow and just make it look like a more subtle glow from within, I apply some Bare Minerals Mineral Veil over it.


It smelled like chemicals, it was streaky, and looked a bit orange when it dried. I wasn't impressed at all, but didn't honestly expect much because I have used similar products and never found anything that worked without drying a mess and making a mess all over my towels. No fun!

Favorite lipstick ever!

I'm in love with MAC lip sticks. All of the formulas. They feel so nice and smooth on the lips. I've bought a few that were a bit drying, but they are usually fine. I love the smell of them as well. They have the most amazing selection of colors too. My first ever was Ruby Woo, but my favorite, that I own, is Blankety. The perfect nudey pink!


It is alright, but there are definitely better ones out there and worth the money. I get blackheads on the tip of my nose constantly, and this was one of the first products I saw when I went to Rite Aid. It did help and I noticed less there, but it didn't take them all away completely. Most were still there, even after weeks of use. I would rather look for a better quality one.


I received a sample of this with a Sephora purchase and was super excited because everyone raves about it. Maybe I just need to use it for a longer period of time, but I didn't see any difference in my skin. I didn't see any amazing result.

I love using this when I'm starting to see little pimples forming in various spots. It prevents them from actually growing out and kind of stops them in their tracks. It makes your skin feel clean and refreshed too. I have used it as a spot treatment as well and it does help. It doesn't get rid of it overnight, but it certainly helps.

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