Rimmel London

Eyeshadow Quad


Noelle M.

This is probly the only set of grey eyeshadows I own that doesn't make my eyes look bloodshot or turn a blue tone on me either. Theyre pretty middle of the road, but you can work with it as far as pigmentation goes anyway, but my favorite thing about these, is now I can achieve the smokey eye without it going south on me by making my eyes look blood shot or turning a different color over time. Over all pretty happy!

Felicia S.
Poor Pigmentation, Bland

Rimmel has many products that I so LOVE, such as their face primer, a few of their foundations, and lipsticks! These eyeshadow quads are disappointing. If you were to rub your finger in one of the shadows for a quick swatch, the swatch would appear okay at first but if you blended the color out, it would nearly disappear. Eyeshadow should be blended and the color should stay when that happens, it shouldn't turn into a shade that's much lighter than what you started out with or what the packaging makes it look like.

Pros: Good theoretical color choices in these quads, too bad the colors are crappy

Cons: Doesn't blend well Fades Poor pigmentation


Sammi W. Team
cheap and great colours

I really really like rimmel. It's cheap, the colours are great, and kate moss endorses them (haha... I am such a sucker for marketing.) This palette has lasted me forever, and the shimmers are subtle (perfect for a subtle everyday "awake" look) and I like swiping the lightest shade under my eyebrow and right under my eyes to open them up a bit. Also, perfect for travelling. However.... I don't know if I'd buy the other shades (smoky noir for instance) because the shades do fade a bit over a course of the day, and I doubt the more intense colours could stand up to a full night of partying.

Christina L.
Lovely drug store quality!

I love these quads! This was one of the first Rimmel products I ever purchased and I am so glad I did! I saw this product on a You Tube guru's page and figured why not give it a go? The pigmentation is incredible! There aren't many drug store eye shadows that give better pigmentation. The texture is dry, but I don't find any problem with the lasting power.

Morena M.

I bought this because I needed something cheap to touch-up with while I was at an event.

The eyeshadows weren't very pigmented and had a 'dry' texture, kind of chalky and gritty. They don't apply well with a finger, or with a brush.

Not a very good product.


Shelby S.
Chalky much?

I have this in Smokey Blue. I love the colors on the packaging, but when you actually start applying them it's like there is nothing there. The dark colors in the palette isn't even pigmented enough to show up. Then the white eye shadow just looks chalky. Not worth any money! It's better to walk on by.

Novindy S.
Super unpigmented!

This product is definitely not worth the $2-$3 I spent on it. I would say that the only time this product has its good points is when you're trying to go for a natural look. The colors are really unpigmented so you would need a lot use a lot for the colors to show. The lighter colors don't really even show at all even if you use a lot. The colors also look very similar to each other. I have the smokey brun, smokey noir, and smokey purple palettes and I totally regret buying so many. Don't let the price lure you in; they're cheap for a reason.

Sherry B.

Another muted color horror...the colors practically look the same and need to be swatched repeatedly for any type of color payoff oh yea and they dont last..at all..smh...rimmel has great products jus not e/s