Beauty Product Reviews

Hands down, the most amazing mascara I've ever used

Everything is perfect about this mascara. As a blogger I've tried dozens of them, and this is the simplest brush to use, clump-less formula and gives me sky high lashes that others hate me for. Want sexy eyes? Give it a try.

this totally changed my view on loose glitters

I have this in "pure" now I want the rest. No issues w/application - just use primer and apply with a damp brush. I've never had issues with messy application, creasing, or falling out. It is not overboard glitter but enough to feel sparklicious. I'm in love with it! It is $19 but the product and packaging are worth adding to your vanity!

this little bottle will transform your current shadow collection

I really wasn't too sure how to use this product when I first got it. Quickly, after just one experiment I realized that this would entirely transform ANY look, lid, or shadow you already have in your make-up box. I had a really affordable large palette from a mall accessory store that was SO blah... and this product gave them new life! Check out my hand swatch... that's just one example! This stuff is awesome!!

PLEASE do not discontinue...

This permanently replaced my pricey Bare Minerals. I LOVE this product. Quality, size, and price = perfect. I buy the medium color and it lasts me year round. I keep seeing it on sale at I really really hope they do not discontinue this great product!

they mean sheer when they say sheer!

If you like to have a semi obvious flushed look then this is not for you. It is REALLY sheer - you have to build several layers to get some real color, and I am pretty pale so I am not sure how it would work on other skin tones.

with some practice you will be able to create some great designs!

It took a few tries but this manicure came out looking really cool. You need to do some trial and error to get it right. I've created a video that will help you with some tips if you're applying for the first time - or interested in purchasing.

smooth application, affordable, and literally will not ever smudge

This is a pretty incredible product. Actually ALL Ruby Kisses products I have been lucky enough to try are dare I say, outstanding. These state they are never smudge and they literally will not. I rubbed over my skin for an entire minute and nothing budged. Lasts all day, no issues and comes in some really pretty colors for less than 1/3 of what big brands cost!

Fantastic polish at a good price point, tons of color options

Some of my favorite colors are by Zoya. No matter what color I choose I never have an issue with the polish formula or dry time. Shown here is Zoya Bekka and it is one of my all-time favorite nail polish colors. They also have lots of great promos! Great customer service as well!

makes me look like a ran a marathon or had a roll in the hay

This color is amazing. It doesn't dry out my skin, applies smoothly and has a hint of moisture for it being a powder. It gives an amazing punch of color to your cheeks and despite the name is just shy of a streetwalker and is just completely sexy on.

Gorgeous glow with a simple swipe of product

I love this - you have to use very little to get some shimmer. It is not incredibly dense in color on the skin, it is more sheer and shimmery. I think it gives a great glow and is very pretty on. Initially I had issues with creasing but tested it with a few different primers and had best results with Ruby Kisses primer. Fantastic for a five minute face with a little oomph!

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