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They are fun - especially if you want the nail art look without making the mess to hand paint or stamp.

I think they are relatively easy to use. I've used some other full nail decals and they lasted a bit longer, but I enjoyed the designs on these better. I did not have any luck adding a top coat, it made the sides lift. Make sure you have a clean nail, some cuticle scissors (if you have small fingers) and a good file to remove excess. They are fun - especially if you want the nail art look without making the mess to hand paint or stamp.

soft and fabulous

This is a nice soft palette. I think all the colors are great besides the nude color on the far right. I have two palettes and never had a problem with the cremes, maybe I am just lucky. You can get a ton of different looks from this one, I keep finding new combos.

dark, sexy & smokey

I attached a photo of one of the looks I made with this palette. I LOVE the creme colors. I love all of it. The reds are fantastic. Worth it!! I want all of the palettes!

didn't it expect it to be so great!

these colors were bold and beautiful - blended so perfectly. I had never had a shadow be so soft on my skin before. love it and want all of them now!

blue shatters

this one has a pearl finish and is bright in color. paired with the right base color it really jumps off the nail. for those that aren't shattered-out yet, may be wanting this one for a different color option. this photo is all three blue shatters, white shatter, and silver shatter over OPI Mermaids Tears.

Glam Slam 2

rally pretty pink and red shatter. at first take it is kind of a weird combination, but it works together. rally pretty pink is a semi-insane looking duo-chrome and different from most others I have ever seen/used. the red shatter has a pearl finish which is really neat. totally worth it.

Glam Slam 1

here is sparke de triomphe & white shatter - one of the new Glam Slam combos. the white shatter is very cool, the other is a clear coat with two different sized silver glitters - not incredibly unique. half of this is a win.

love them!

I swatched each of these polishes individually and absolutely loved them. My favorites are Skull and glossbones, Mermaids tears, Planks a lot, and Sparrow me the drama. Honestly it is hard to dislike any of them, though. If you like pastels then this is THE collection for you. I LOVE OPI brushes and formula - 3 coats and little to no clean-up. fabulous. Photo attached of Stranger Tides - a soft, murky olive green

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