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This made me break out terribly and it was just so bad for my skin. Will never use again or recommend to anyone. Works for many people but for me,it was the worst thing i could do to my skin

Best blush ever!

I was very skeptical at first to use a cream blush. This makes it so easy! I love the shade too! I prefer to use this over my powder blushes. Looks very natural and is easy to use.


I love the colors they chose for this palette. One downside is the lighter color are the east pigmented, and the ones they give you the most of. I also really do not like the teal color. It just isn't what i expected it to be and turns into a weird muddy grey color on the lid. The whole first and second row are great and i love the third row besides the teal. Even thought the three lighter shades aren't that pigmented, they still are very pretty and give subtle shimmer which is great for hilighting.


I have the color Gone Grey which is a SUPER pretty metallic grey shade. It looks awesome on my skin tone and i really love the brush on this. It makes it so much easier to apply it. The only thing is that i don't really think that it dries that fast. I also have 2 other shades and they're almost all used up! I want to try out other colors.


I really love the smell I this! I got two samples from sephora and once I finish those up I'm going to get the full size! I don't know how to explain the scent but it's delicious! I would wear this all year round so it's great and would get lots of use.

Best Primer

I use this every single day under eye shadows, liners, paint pots... whatever i put on my eye. I have oily lids and this keep product on all day! Definitely would recommend and I can't say enough good things about this product. I've had mine for about 2 years in the original bottle and it's still got lots left.

Good but do not buy satins!

I have 3 satin MAC eyeshadows and they SUCK! No pigmentation at all and cannot blend whatsoever. All the other finishes i love though! My favorites are the frost finishes, matte,and veluxe pearl. In my opinion those are the best.


Since they're discontinued it's not something id go on the hunt for and search everywhere for. Not that great. They replaced these with the Dream Bouncy Blushes so if you really wanted something like these go with that. Once i blend it in it just sort of fades.

Stays without primer

I've had mine for about 2 or 3 years now and it is starting to get a ring around it meaning it is drying out. I also have fresco rose which is almost completely dried out even though i got them at the same time ): But they do stay all day without a primer underneath except for fresco rose. Since it has dried out quite a bit i need a primer underneath for it to stay. Good products overall!

Didn't last long enough! Pricey!

This was my favorite mascara for a pretty long time until it started running out. I just can't bring myself to spend $22 on a mascara! When i used this it was the ONLY mascara i used. Now i layer 3 mascaras so I guess it's worth it. May be repurchasing.

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