Paint Pot


Kristen G.
A Must Have

Makes for a great base and it never creases! The pigmentation is great! The amount of product you get for the price is awesome as well! The only down fall would be that it isn't the easiest to blend.

Jasmine S.
Great, Creamy, Colourful

I needed a new primer since UDPP didn't work for me as well as i thought it would. I bought it in indian wood and tried it as soon as i could. Strait away i could feel that it was easy to apply and creamy. It's softly pigmented so it pigments your eyes a bit. As well as the priming aspect of it it works amazingly! It doesn't crease and glides amazingly on your eyes!

Emily V.
Stays without primer

I've had mine for about 2 or 3 years now and it is starting to get a ring around it meaning it is drying out. I also have fresco rose which is almost completely dried out even though i got them at the same time ): But they do stay all day without a primer underneath except for fresco rose. Since it has dried out quite a bit i need a primer underneath for it to stay. Good products overall!

Michelle H.

Wow Wow Wow! I couldn't believe how smooth this applied and how easy it was to blend. The color and finish is beautiful! I'm gonna be using this as a base for an Alice Cullen look tomorrow on my YouTube!

Shade M.
Love this stuff!
Photo of product included with review by Shade M.

The paint pot works good as a creme eyeshadow and even better as a eyeshadow base. I have it in the color indianwood, which is a golden bronze color. It's the perfect color for people who love to do neutral looks.

Sophie D.
Must have!

I got this paintpot last christmas and I use it most days now. Its an amazign base and makes shadows last all day. It also look very pretty on its own. :)

Heather S.
Very Nice.

I tend to shy away from cream eyeshadows as a lot of them crease easily but this one stays on very nicely. It goes on smooth and turns into a nice powder. The colour is beautiful and a little goes a long way. Worth the money!

Emsy J.
I adore Indianwood!

If I could only use one eyeshadow for a whole year, I would choose Indianwood. The color is complex--brassy metallic on top, ruddy mid-tone brown underneath--and matches my skintone beautifully. I can wear just a little to add dimension to my lids or a lot for a full-on metallic explosion. It's my favorite makeup product ever!

TheMakeupExpress s.
Perfect primer

I use indianwood because it's a nice light contrast to my skin tone. it's slightly lighter but it makes for a good undertone highlight on my eye lids. I love wearing amber lights eyeshadow on top because it just makes my eyes pop!

Crystal S.

Its was something I was excited about buying and then when I got it home and tried it out I didnt like it so much. I used it as a eye shadow base and it creased with all of my shadows. And to top it off It dried out in about a week so that was my forst and last time trying it.