Beauty Product Reviews

Love it<3

What I love about this nail polish is the fact that the brush is very big and I like that because is more faster, it drys very fast<3 I really like this nail polish, its better that other brands

One of the best drugstore mascara

I really like this mascara, it makes my lashes very big and large, and I like the fact that it doesn't goes away with the water. I definitely recommend it.

My everyday basic!

This facial cleanser changed my face at the morning time, this product is so awesome because its so "waking". I use this product everyday, it have changed my life in the morning is very nice and it smells good thought(:

I recommend it

I had before a Lancome eyeliner and i really didn't like it, it was very clumsy and I just didn't like it, one day my mom came and buy this one, I thought that it was gonna be the same as the other one, but when I try it I fell in love with this product because it hold all day long and it looked amazing let me tell you AMAZING! I love the brush but is not completely a brush because it haves like a stick that makes you make the line more perfectly I don't now but thats what I think. The point is that i recommended cause this liquid eye liner changed my life like FOREVER! I wont buy another one (i think i will buy another one, but this will be the best), I just will buy this for life!♥


This is the best tinted moisturizer, I use it almost everyday and I wont by another one. I think that this is better than any other tinted moisturizer and foundation, it's so clear and nude that you wouldn't notice that you have a make-up foundation or tinted moisturizer, so yeah IS THE BEST! (:

what I think?

This mascaras makes this eyes pop out (and mines are brown). My lashes looks bigger and beautiful, it really stands out. This mascara is one of my favorites of the world, because is so helpful and is CHEAP that is the best part, because I wont use any high branded mascara because this is one of the BEST mascara's.. I'm right now obsessed with this *-* I so love it!