Dayana C.

Location: Wonderland ♥


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About Me

Hello(: I'm a girl that loves make-up, fashion, hair things since I was a little girl. I'm not completely obsessed with this "girly" things, because I love sports, I don't use necklaces (just sports ones, that you will see in my videos), long earrings, rings or bracelets (you will see that I use SillyBands or woven bracelets). I'm really into make-up and fashion (but not to much on accessories like you saw). I'm very creative by creating new make-up looks, I don't like to use like "BIG" make-up brands because not anyone can have one, and "NORMAL" or "DRUGSTORE" are not bad at all. I'm like a normal teenager that have's fight's with their parents, have love problems, feel's depressed sometimes, is WEIRD and says groceries, but let me tell you IS ME and I don't care if you hate it, I'm not here to like you if you don't want to. So yea this is me, get to know me more(:

XoXo, Daiia'C ♥

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Skin Type: Normal
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Normal