Beauty Product Reviews

Super Fast Drying Top Coat, High Gloss

This nail polish claims to be anti-aging, for natural or artificial nails, non-yellowing, no UV lights or heat needed, highest gloss available, chip resistant and has 2 UV inhibitors and dries manicures in 5 minutes.

I noticed the Poshe box had different rewards that this top coat won like 5 Allure Editors Choice Awards and Top 5 Readers Choice award in 04', 05' and 06'.

After layering it over my nail polish I noticed it looked really glossy (which I like). The brush was nice and long so it was a great shape for application. I also noticed that it reaches the bottom of the bottle so It will be easy to get product when its running low. The polish was thick but easy to control and laid over the nail nicely. I let it dry and after about a minute or 2 i touched my nail to see if it was even dry and it was! I wait a couple more minutes to be sure and my nails were totally dry! I was totally impressed by the end result. The polish did not leave any streaking, no bubbling, etc. After feeling the top coat, it seems like nothing will chip my nails. Seems like a tough top coat. Also, my nails look incredibly shiny!!

Pros: nice brush applicator, makes my nails look incredibly shiny and feels tough, dried completely in 5 minutes, no streaking or bubbling Cons: Packaging seems cheap and is tough to get open

I think I paid about 8-10 dollars for this polish but it was well worth it. There is about .5 fl. oz./15 ml. Can be found at your local drug store.

I WILL be buying this top coat again and definitely recommend it.

xo Ariel

great price, pigmented

I am so happy I purchased these pigments. There were very inexpensive and are very pigmented. There are many great colors to choose from! They all have a pretty pearl finish. Little goes a long way too. They are great if you dont have a lot of pigments or are new to pigments. Very cheap and affordable if your on a budget. I love the small containers but the only thing I wish was different about them would be the opening. Its a bit on the small side and I wish it was bigger. Besides that, definitely a product to check out.

Perfect Sunkissed Bronzer

This bronzer is my new favorite!!! At first when I saw how pigmented they were I thought it was going to be so messy for application on the face. I was conviced to get this bronzer just to try, and I am so glad I did. The bronzer stick that I purchased was the Guilty Bronze. This bronzer has a gold-bronze metallic finish. Its gorgeous!! I think this one works best for all skin tones. These can also be applied very sheer to full color.

Application: The way that worked for me the best was using the MAC 187 or 188 brush. Just lightly buff your brush directly onto the stick and apply on your face in circular light motions.

Colors: Guilty Bronze- Great on medium to dark skin tones...warm metallic bronze finish Billionaire Bronze- medium to dark skin tones Tan to tint- Fair to medium skin tones....more of a matte finish

These liners are my fav! They have a wide range of different colors so its easy to find the right color to match any lipstick. They are very creamy and not dry at all. I also love how pigmented they are! Best of all, they are totally affordable.

Gloss,liner and lipstick all in one!

Pretty Amazing lip color was a perfect add on to their line. These lip colors are awesome...or should I say, "pretty amazing!"

The Applicator: I love the applicator! Its perfect! The applicator is a flexible sponge that comes to a point. Its perfect for getting a nice clean line around your lips. The fact that it is flexible makes it easy to follow the natural shape of your lips. Its also the perfect size.

The Colors: The lip colors are VERY VERY pigmented!! If you like a lot of color, they are perfect for you. A little goes a long way too. I must say that the colors they made are very fun and pretty but I wish they had more brown tones. A lot of the colors are pinks and mauves. Some of the lighter colors are so bright and pigmented that you might want to line your lips with a liner.

Texture: The lip colors are very creamy which is surprising for a long wearing lip color. Usually lip colors that are long wearing get chalky towards the end of the day. These stay nice and creamy

Favorites: Strength: Perfect Red for any skin tone Bravado: Brick Red (my number one favorite) Ambition: A true Barbie Pink (fuchsia)

Dislikes: Freewill: pinky nude. (doesnt work well with all skin tones) Looks best with a liner

In the end I think the line was a perfect addition to Bare Escentuals. I am very excited about them and everyone definitely should try them out.

xo Ariel

Beautiful Finish with Amazing Coverage

Where to begin...this foundation is amazing. I have been using the Bare Minerals SPF 15 Original foundation for about a year and a half now and I am in love. My skin have never looked so great. At first I was hesitant to try it because I was so used to a liquid foundation and the coverage that it gives. I love a full coverage!! But I gave it a shot and now I wont use anything else. These are more reasons why I think its great..

1. Its good for your skin!! All it is is pure crushes minerals. Cant get more natural than that. There are no chemicals, binders, waxes or anything that would be harmful to your skin. After a month I noticed my skin looked smoother, brighter, and more clear.

2. There is sunscreen in it. SPF 15!

3. I love coverage! You can go from a really light coverage to a full coverage just based on how much product you use and the brush. Its up to you!

4. It doesnt feel like your wearing anything on your face

5. The finish of the original foundation gives your skin a perfect youthful glow. (great for dry skin) This is will make your skin look more hydrated and more luminous. Gives a dewy glow...not glitter.

6. Great for all skin types. This is great if you have sensitive skin. A lot of dermatologists send their clients to try this foundation because it is so natural and good for your skin.

7. Doesnt even look like your wearing foundation. It blends so beautifully with your natural skin tone to even your skin tone out, give you the coverage that you want, and give you a pretty glow. Looks like your natural skin but better!