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I always wear too much of this

I love solid fragrance- it's just so convenient. This is the perfect balance of sweet and citrus for me... I just love it. I always end up putting way too much on!

Meh it leaves a film

If you've ever cut into an aloe plant and felt the slimy "gel" inside-that's what this product is like. It dries to a film which is OK for nighttime but forget putting makeup over it. I'm all for natural products but this one just isn't a favorite.

Nice subtle color

A really gorgeous girl I work with had this so I decided I needed to try it too. It goes on nice and sheer. I really like that it's not glittery or shimmery, which I don't care for at all unless I'm going out. Overall great everyday kind of product.


This is one of my new favorite things. It sets the mineral powder amazingly well. Not only that, but just a few quick sprays and hours-old makeup comes right back to life. Since I started using this along with the Pur foundation and concealer my acne prone skin has been surprisingly clear. Love it!

Better than Bare Essentuals

I finally woke up and realized that my skin was seriously suffering from being caked with stage makeup like MAC. For pictures or a special night out, yes.. but for every day? No thanks- I'm going as natural as I can these days.

That being said, the choices are somewhat limited in the cosmetics department. SO glad I found Pur! The coverage is surprisingly good, goes on very well, and the color matches are pretty good (a tan on the pink side for me with the Golden Medium so I'll have to invest in something more yellow next time). There will definitely be a next time with this product!

PS- the makeup setting acid spray from Pur is also amazing, especially over this powder. Worth it to buy both!

What the heck?

This was like Special Olympics of nail application. Total fail. I consider myself pretty product-savvy... yet I was so awkward with this product... it barely resembled nail polish when I was done!

I ended up throwing half of them away and donating the other box I bought to Goodwill!

Use it every day. So sad I lost the lip gloss!

This is a fantastic palette. Every color works for me (not typical). The black is a super matte, intense black that I use to set my eyeliner on more dramatic makeup days. Sometimes I could use a little less shimmer, but overall great item.

The mini lip gloss included with purchase is also fantastic. I'll definitely be replacing the one I lost!

Warning: brown streaks ahead

This product's chocolate heart sounds good and great but it's actually kind of annoying. I love all Lush products, so I can't be too hard on this little massage bar, but it's definitely not my favorite and I wouldn't buy it again.

The chocolate will leave a brown streak on your skin that you have to work in like crazy to get it to absorb. And then like, really, you're just smearing chocolate all over yourself... do I look like I want to attract every ant and/or insect for a ten mile radius? I don't know, I just don't know how to feel about this one.

It's not even good chocolate, (of course I tasted it).

All but disappears; delivers great moisture.

I've gone as natural as possible with my products so I've been exploring the world of Weleda. So far, so good. It's pricey for sure, but I feel it's worth it considering the wearability and moisturization it delivers. The scent is nice- not too strong but present. I break out easily and so far my skin's stayed clear. I haven't noticed any specific firming action but it's still a great daytime lotion.

Meh.... how good can Jasmine smell, anyway?

Remember that plant that you used to pick when you were little that bled white at the stem? It smelled kind of like nothing during the day but at night was somehow amazing? Yeah, that's Night Blooming Jasmine. And just like the way it's stubborn to produce a nice scent during the day it is also stubborn to transform nicely into perfume.

I bought the solid stick version (not shown) of Lush's Lust- a jasmine scent- to impress my boyfriend. He likes Jasmine. And this is supposed to smell like Jasmine. Only it doesn't.

It doesn't smell that good, really. But I wear it anyways. Maybe I smell more like Jasmine when I wear it at night?

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