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Angela W.
Meh.... how good can Jasmine smell, anyway?

Remember that plant that you used to pick when you were little that bled white at the stem? It smelled kind of like nothing during the day but at night was somehow amazing? Yeah, that's Night Blooming Jasmine. And just like the way it's stubborn to produce a nice scent during the day it is also stubborn to transform nicely into perfume.

I bought the solid stick version (not shown) of Lush's Lust- a jasmine scent- to impress my boyfriend. He likes Jasmine. And this is supposed to smell like Jasmine. Only it doesn't.

It doesn't smell that good, really. But I wear it anyways. Maybe I smell more like Jasmine when I wear it at night?

Victoria H.

Eh Lush should just stick to making it's amazing bath bombs and body butters. The smell isn't very strong and I sometimes feel like I put on nothing. The Jasmine doesn't perfume very well.