Yes To Cucumbers

Soothing Eye Gel


Angela W.
Meh it leaves a film

If you've ever cut into an aloe plant and felt the slimy "gel" inside-that's what this product is like. It dries to a film which is OK for nighttime but forget putting makeup over it. I'm all for natural products but this one just isn't a favorite.

Nic L.
Nasty film left behind that burns like crazy.

This product left a film behind after it dried that you would think should be absorbed into the skin with a minimal amount applied to the eye area, a little but really does go a long way . I can handle the film for night time application for the day time who wants to walk around with a film around the eye area, not good at all. But the deal breaker for me is how it burned the eye area where it was applied, not great especially since I have sensitive skin and eyes. This is the one product in their line that is just not for my skin.

Hailey M.

defintly not great i do have bags under my eyes but this didn't help one bit! very disapointed with this perticular product ! and would not recomend it to a friend

Amelia R.

When I used this, it left this weird, filmy gel residue on my skin. It felt like the gel had just dried on top of my skin, instead of sinking in like it should have. I can deal with it, but I prefer my Benefit eye cream now.

Karen P.

I have been using this product for just a short while and I love it already. I received some samples of it and once I'm done with them I will be purchasing! It goes on smooth and smells amazing. It is light weight, so I use it in the morning and at night!

Laura C.

I love this product i have been using it for 6 months and i have seen a change in my eyes. i put it on before i go to be and when i get up in the morning. I normally have bags under my eyes and i always looked tried even though i was not. after using this product my eyes look more awake and no more bags(yay!) I have sensitive skin if it works for me then i would give it a try.

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Luna V.

I can't tell you how disappointed I was to discover I was allergic to this product! I used this on and off to help my sore eyes during the driest months of winter and at first, all was good. I wouldn't exactly say it brightened any dark circles, but I don't have any darkness to my eyes anyway. Puffiness was definitely reduced, but the main reason I loved it was the cooling effect it had. My eyes are extremely sensitive, and the least little thing can bother them--no matter what they had been through at the end of the day, this gel was like an oasis in the middle of the desert. My eyes loved it. I didn't just use it under my eyes, I smeared it over my lids, my lashes, sometimes even on my cheeks over my sinuses.

I stopped using this about a week and when I started using it again, I found myself with strange flaky patches under my eyes. I blamed a new foundation and discontinued use. Patches got worse, until the skin under my eyes roughly resembled an elephant--clearly, this was not the foundation. I broke out a heavier eye cream (Mary Kay's Age-Fighting Eye Creme--my mother's rec) and within two days, the patches were gone.

It's since been determined that I'm allergic to cucumber. So this eye gel has found a good home with a friend of mine who has no adverse reaction to vegetables, and has normal human skin.

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Nancy-Lee C.
Extremely cooling. Lightweight.

I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable I felt after using this. This clear gel is very thick very thick, a little goes a long way and is almost creamy in consistency. It dries quickly and I never feel residue but I know something is there - there is a comfortable tightness to my skin. As the day wear on, this does not warm and transfer into my eyes.

I like to use this during the day since the dry-down is quick and I can move forward with eyeshadow and/or primer. Which gets me out of the bathroom quicker.

It's a great price point $15. I would buy again.

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Alyssa B.
Light moisturizer, reduces dark circles
Photo of product included with review by Alyssa B.

After I published my Animal Cruelty post, (which can be found here) I had to completely re think my skin routine. I don't really have a skin regimen or anything, but there were a few products that I regularly used, mostly Olay products. But, Olay does test on animals, so when I ran out of their eye serum I went on the hunt for something new. I have been known to go to Walgreens for a non-beauty item, and walk out with 2 or 3 things from the cosmetics isle. I just can't contain myself! The "Yes To..." products are fairly new, the company was founded in 2006. I have been more into natural products lately, and this company intrigued me. The company has 4 different collections; Yes To Carrots, Yes To Cucumbers, Say Yes to Tomatoes and Yes To Blueberries. Each collection is specially formulated for different purposes. Their products are 99% natural and cruelty-free! I picked up Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel at Walgreens for $14.99. These products can be found in most drugstores and Yes to Cucumbers claims this product reduces eye puffiness and dark circles underneath the eyes. Green Tea has anti-inflamatory properties, along with Chamomile that tightens and Cucumbers that sooth. I always try to read user reviews before I review a product to see if some had a different experience with a product than what I experienced. Yes To Cucumbers recommends this product for for sensitive skin, but a few people mentioned it irritated their skin. The first time I used this product and I wasn't sure how much product to use and I used 1 full pump on each eye. This was too much and I think that might be the reason some complained. My skin got a little pink but went away after a few minutes. I have been using this gel for 3 weeks and have not experienced any irritation since my first try. I found that 1 pump of gel is enough for both eyes. My skin is a very good example of combination skin types. It's like Jekyll & Hyde; on 1 day my skin is oily and the next day it is dry. My forehead will be oily and my eyes will be dry or vice versa. This cucumber gel provides moisture that doesn't make my skin feel greasy, and would be great for those with oily eyelids. This gel works great for eye puffiness and works even better when you keep it in the fridge. I noticed a slight improvement in the dark circles underneath my eyes but nothing drastic. Hey, I'll take whatever I can get in that department! Most people who have dark circles have inherited it, so it is hard to completely eliminate them. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product, just remember a little goes a long way.

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