Beauty Product Reviews

Best Cream polishes EVER!

I am an extreme fan of cream nail polishes. They are the best textures in the world to me and NOTHING compares to an Essie cream polish. They are the smoothest and most opaque in one application. The brushes are excellent and mine have always been streak free. Its a little pricey if you are used to buying Sinful Colors however if you get the mini's, which are just as great, it is definitely worth the extra duckets in my opinion.

Great product..not too sure about helping breakage

I have had this product for well over a year and it still works wonders when it comes to aiding my natural 3c/4a hair in retaining moisture and not being frizzy. My hair doesn't necessarily break but it could be because of this product or simply my hair doesn't break. I got this to help seal moisture. I definitely recommend using a half pump and on wet hair..just rub it in and comb it thru. I have thick hair so this doesn't weigh my hair down however for a fine haired person I could see this being too much for them. I love it and definitely love that I haven't had to go out and repurchase it for a while.

Its working for me

My nails are just horrible rubbish right now because of acrylics and I find that this does what it says. I've had it since my nails were way longer and needed strength because they kept breaking, right now I use it as a base over top of my treatment and I find that my polish lasts at least 4 days before I start plucking it off. My nails seem stronger when its applied and while I know that nail care starts with what you put in your body this seems to be aiding as well! I use it in all my manicures

Nothing Compares....

When I first started growing my nails they were soft and bendable and I swear the polish would just left right off my nails so I searched and searched for something that would help the polish adhere to my nails for longer than 2 days and this was my answer! I absolutely love this sticky base coat and because you apply it in layers it makes the nails thicker!

I didn't use the full bottle of mine because eventually my nails didn't need it anymore and polish just started to stick to my nails for about 4 to 6 days on its own now that my nails bed is a lot stronger but this product definitely got me thru the horrible state my nails were in after acrylics. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is having trouble with polishes lasting longer than a couple of days or for those ladies out there that are coming out of acrylics and need a great base!

Can't live without them

The absolute best bases ever! I use these along side my UDPP because I don't want creasing but I haven't experienced any so far. I have most of them and will have the whole collection in my both kits!

Love the wand

I am not one that is too into mascaras because I always apply falsies...I am seriously lacking lashes. However I have found that this one is great! I get a nice length and although I use it before putting my lashes on I can instantly see a difference and that is soothing to my soul since I paid $8 something for this...

Works wonders for me

I use this product daily in my personal kit and my professional kit as well. I love the way it eliminates creasing for me and I can definitely tell the difference when I don't use it. A little bit goes a long way and right now with all the minis I have I don't see me needing a new one for a while.

Very nice product and its reasonably priced

I just came into a quite a few trios and find them to be very pigmented and great combination. I usually use them with other products and have yet to do a look using just the trio because I usually use more than just 3 colors however with the trios I have I am finding that I don't have to buy shadows for a while. The texture is very velvety and I am loving that. There are no shimmers to me, I find them to have a more satin texture, at least the ones that I have.

Very pigmented and didn't dry my lips out

The pigmentation and range of colors were fantastic. I love these lipglosses and have quite a few in my collection. I do have a downside though and that would be the smell. I am not sure how to explain it but at first it bothered me alot but after a while you get used to it and it doesn't seem to last that long.