Stickey Base Coat


Krystal C.
No yellowing or staining at all!

The base coat is a bit thicker than some other base coats I've used in the past, it applies smooth and dries very quickly. When I apply color on top of the base coat, it doesn't bubble up (I say this because most base coats do this on my nails - I'm not sure why), and when I remove the color my nails are not stained in the tiniest bit! That, I appreciate the most because nothing's worse than your favorite shade staining or yellowing your natural nails making them look unhealthy.

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Linda D.
Best of the best

I cannot even explain how much I love this base coat. Through out all the years of trying different brands and see what works for me I can finally settle with this one for good.

Using a good base coat makes a huge difference. I have noticed my polish lasting twice as long and that's with me washing my hands 20 times a day and with hand sanitizer. Working at a salon I always get compliments and how my nails look amazing all the time and it's because of this. Even using dark shades like red (which stain your nails) this base coat prevents staining and any type of yellowing.

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Solessence N.
There isn't a nail tech alive that doesn't swear by this stuff.

There isn't a nail tech alive that doesn't swear by this stuff. Stickey is the best base coat of all time. You may want to avoid if you are using a very sheer color only because the greenish hue of the base coat may show through. Otherwise it is perfection.

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Nu Nu Dollie N.
Best Base Coat in the Nail Industry.

As a professional manicurist, this is the only basecoat I use/used while in the industry. This protects the nail from staining, even when using harsh dark colors like reds and burgundies. This is also a good product to use if you're trying to get your nails healthy after having artificial nails. It helps harden the nail bed back to it's normal self! :)

*Be aware though, this base coat is suppose to be sticky and thicker. So don't be alarmed when you first open the bottle, it hasn't gone rancid :)

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Stephanie R.
A must have

I Love all the CND products and this is my all time favorite base coat and makes any polish look amazing and shiny! I'm going to post a picture of my nails done using CND polish and using the base coat. I have tried different base coats through out the years but this is my all time Favorite!

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Chelsea S.
fast working!

I have always had very weak and soft nails, and they always use to crack, and I could never grow them out, so I decided to try a base coat that would make my nails grow faster, longer, and stronger! and this is exactly what this base coat did for me! i saw results almost right away! it just a few days and then my nails were going better then ever!, and still now i have long nails for once and they are strong and they don't break off! :) I was so happy to have found this base coat! :)

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Tia B.
Nothing Compares....

When I first started growing my nails they were soft and bendable and I swear the polish would just left right off my nails so I searched and searched for something that would help the polish adhere to my nails for longer than 2 days and this was my answer! I absolutely love this sticky base coat and because you apply it in layers it makes the nails thicker!

I didn't use the full bottle of mine because eventually my nails didn't need it anymore and polish just started to stick to my nails for about 4 to 6 days on its own now that my nails bed is a lot stronger but this product definitely got me thru the horrible state my nails were in after acrylics. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is having trouble with polishes lasting longer than a couple of days or for those ladies out there that are coming out of acrylics and need a great base!

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Travelon M.
What Took Me So Long?

I have tissue paper for nails they are so soft that they don't break off, they peel off. This made for a lot of bad polish days. My polish would chip within hours of me applying. I really thought the problem was my soft nails cause I've tried other basecoat a before. I had resigned myself to always having to polish every other day. I read a Beautylish article about this product and was quite skeptical but had nothing to loose. Nowadays I change polish cause I want to, not cause I have to. I use this in conjunction with Seche Vite fast dry. OMG...... A manicure that lasts more than 4 days. That may not be much for someone else but I'll take what I can get. It's a big difference from a chip in a few hours!